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Thursday, January 31, 2008

John Edwards Cared ~ the Lost, the Sick, the Poor, the Forgotten, the Victims, the Survivors, the Senior, the Children, the Worker ~ We the People!


his was actually the strongest populist message, but he was completely buried by the media's avalanche of Obama-Clinton news. .Common Sense

Over a thousand people showed up at the union hall in Saint Paul on a brutally freezing Tuesday night, to see the one 'We' have been waiting for...

With a Last Call to Action, John Edwards Will Exit the Race Welcome to Pottersville Wednesday January 30, 2008 "Forgive me while I go and be heartsick for the rest of the day (or years, perhaps)."

Terry Gydesen PhotographyPolitical pontificating and photographs

Thanks to Eluko79, for putting daily life into a visual prespective.
30 levels in Bridge Building from Eluko79 Saturday, August 11, 2007

I played this video of Twin Cities past, got lost in the song after I watched John Edwards make his exit speech. My eyes filled with tears and it felt like someone punched me in the gut. Even though I knew this could happen, I never let my mind go there for too long. When I believe in someone, I believe wholly without doubt. I worked hard to sort out all candidate profiles, voting records and poured over all of their active long time and consistent good deeds.
"John Edwards has spent a lifetime fighting to give voice to the voiceless and hope to the struggling" DWT
I labored at this in order to make the decision to believe that my voice would count for something I believed in, through a candidate that I believed in completely.
Neither Hillary nor Obama is offering anything any corporate powers need to fear. DWT
I have already ruled out the other two (D) candidates, so I am back on the fence -- probably right up to the election in November.
By the time Clinton and Obama had fleshed out their respective agendas, however, there simply wasn't that much difference among them. DWT
A long wait to see if I can bring myself to vote for someone else. At this moment there is no one with the life experience, the personal experience and the professional experience that John Edwards had embodied. An amazing person that John Edwards the face of adversity he has always shown us how truly steady he is...always.
From the beginning, Edwards was positioning himself as the champion of Americans struggling to get ahead financially. And rather than simply offer populist rhetoric, he backed it with a serious, comprehensive set of policies. DWT

Thanks John Published by Zack at MN Publius "For the first time since LBJ, you made the eradication of poverty a major issue in the national debate."

Yearning For An Old American Tradition... by awakening Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Certainly who I vote for, they will have to have full knowledge about what makes America tick....not just knowing it, but having lived some of it."

"A growing crowd of people waiting for something that makes them happy. That is what I am waiting for with the presidential race, something about that person that makes me happy to be voting for them...something that sparks an 'old' feeling of exciting satisfaction."

adding: I was so excited about John Edwards...the more I learned about him, the more I liked what he stood for. I didn't pay attention to him in 2004 because I didn't like Kerry's unpreparedness and his seemingly suppressed demeanor. That overshadowed John Edwards at the time, for me. I'll never forget when one of my favorite co-workers insisted that Kerry's wife was just like Hillary (I was waiting for her to run at the time). I just looked at her as if she had lost her mind and laughed so hard! No one was like Hillary - the Hillary that was my hero from the 1990's, especially not Kerry's wife. And I thought, what did that have to do with anything anyway. But then I thought about why I didn't vote for Gore. His wife had jumped upon a bandwagon to censor the music industry. At the time and in my foggy sense of well being...I thought that anyone who would censor music -- freedom of speech -- might go a step further and try to censor other citizen entitlements. Little did I know that there was a burning bush just around the corner. My god, little did I know that this fellow, who my husband really liked, would take censorship to heights I could never have imagined!

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