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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Older Worker Speaks Out from John Edwards08 Blog


"John I'm over 55 years old and a Viet-Nam Vet. I lost my job of 18.5 years due to out-sourcing and got to go back to school and get a two year degree." by starbooker in Action 1/24/2008 from John Edwards08 Blog John how are going to help people that are 55 and can't get hired 8 Comments

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The New Retirement Plan For Older Workers.... Reprint by awakening "The age of defining whether it is an 'Employers market or a job seeker market,' may well be a thing of the past. People have been laid off or forced into retirement in astronomical numbers for a long time amd a majority of the workers are over 40 years of age."


"Firstly, the ideal would be to erase separation lines and re-draw the lines to parallel equally along side a workforce that embraces older workers and younger workers, veteran and civilian, women and men, minority and caucasian, disabled and non-disabled, gay and straight. Age discrimination is real and like other protected groups, older workers must choose their battles wisely."


"But one thing is certain, it is the older worker applicant that needs to remember to work to prove they are the one that the employer wants most. That means polish, practice and polish. Before an interview can happen though, a person needs to get passed the software cyberspace gatekeeper."


"You used tools leading to the hidden job market if you:"


"Thinking "I don't really need anyone's help to get my next job," or "I did it by myself the first time," or "I don't want to impose on anyone and have them think I'm rude," or "I don't know what to ask or say, I will feel / look stupid."



felt like the perfect big Blog opinion to insert into this post....very interesting take....
Your Right Hand Thief A doorway to political truths said in jest Thursday, January 24, 2008 Video too.. "Appearing on the David Letterman show, Presidential candidate John Edwards said that he was trying to "represent the grown-up wing of the Democratic Party" at the debate in South Carolina the other night."

"Edwards is being ignored because he's only playing the game in a half-@&& way."

Comment By Jeffrey -- "Nice analysis, though--I think you are right that Edwards needs to stop being so polite, and understand that the narratives and images that candidates project are equally--if not more--important than their policy differences."

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