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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Discover Help ~ Discover Hope ~ Discover HOW....Discover RESOURCE!


Discover RESOURCE! Where a world of diverse people discover their potential and achieve their dreams!

Are you looking for a family to adopt this Christmas?

Are you looking for someone to mentor all year round?

Are you looking for someone to train for a new job?

Are you looking for someone to help send to college?

Are you looking for someone to donate something special to?

Are you looking to assist people in some way?

Are you looking for an organization that makes a wise and honest effort of putting all of it's resources back in the hands of the people they serve?

For over 45 years, RESOURCE's four divisions have been leaders in providing high-quality, caring and effective services in the areas of:

Employment (Employment Action Center)

Training & Disability (Minnesota Resource Center)

Mental Health (Spectrum Community Mental Health)

Chemical Health (Recovery Resource Center)

Resource Inc. and their divisions provides a myriad of support and services to individual's and for the whole family; with a special connection to many twin city communities and to the companies that do business in the area.

How you give your time and/or your donation is up to you!

Attend a program tour if possible.

But if you can't, no problem. Just email, call or fax your questions about what you can do to share your good fortune with someone who needs to know you care.

For your convenience here is all of the Contact Information:

RESOURCE Administration
1900 Chicago Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone (612) 752-8000

Minnesota Resource Center (MRC)
Phone (612) 752-8100
TTY (612) 752-8019

MRC FlexWork Duluth – (218) 722-9700

MRC FlexWork St. Cloud – (320) 259-5717

Recovery Resource Center (RRC)
Phone (612) 752-8050

Spectrum Community Mental Health
Phone (612) 752-8200

Charaka South Hennepin – (612) 752-8350

Northwest Hennepin – (612) 752-8300

Lighthouse Minneapolis – (612) 752-8200

Employment Action Center (EAC)
Phone (612) 752-8800

EAC Women’s Programs – (612) 752-8400

EAC Youth & Young Parent Programs – (612) 752-8800

EAC Welfare-to-Work Programs – (612) 752-8800

EAC Adult Programs – (612) 752-8400

EAC Dislocated Worker Programs – (612) 752-8400

Discover RESOURCE where a world of diverse people discover their potential and achieve their dreams!

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