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Monday, October 13, 2008


Simply put, I had fun putting this post together, even though there was a seriously sober reason for doing it. It took me a little time to look through all of the information out on the web. I guess its getting to be a habit with the historical nature of the presidential campaigns we have running this year. I seem to get my best refresher course on cultures, customs and countries when something odd or disturbing hits the public airwaves. I don't seem to have to do this kind of research because of everyday life. I do happen to be lucky enough to know people from all over the globe and its nice to be among a diverse group of people. But the ugly side of human nature has reared its head repeatedly when it comes to anything connected to the Republican Party. I can think of very few things where the Democrats are concerned. But nothing, absolutely nothing compares to what I have picked up on by the NeoCons (the fanatic side of the Republican party) on television, on the radio and in the newspaper. Freedom of speech says they have the right to express themselves. I will always stand by their right for freedom of speech, no matter how hateful, backhanded or backward it may be. America and freedom of speech go hand in hand. But freedom to cast -dispersions by performing character assassination using racial and cultural stereotyping- is something else entirely. Its racist, its feeding into prejudices and bigotry. Don't the NeoCons want to break out of this very old, very divisive and very intolerable style of doing politics in this very diverse world? Institutional racism found its place in our country because of the tactics being used right now, stemming from a basic need to belong somewhere. If you don't fit in, you don't belong. And if you don't fit in safely, you cause fear. If you cause fear, than you are dangerous. And if you are dangerous you must be a ______. A frenzied hysteria was caused by a few people to start with in the Salem Witch trials. Why do we know about this story? Why do I use this story as an example? I'm using it because it is one of many original examples of our country’s horrific legacy of persecuting people for their inherit differences. Innocent women and men died, were murdered because a few people whipped up an entire town of people over a period of time. All logic, all intelligence and all common sense slowly went out the window, all for the opportunity to pervert facts so they could torture and kill vulnerable human beings who were inheritly different. I wonder what other traits the victims had in common, if any? Do you think that a person who think themselves better than others in every way, actually have conscience enough to stop themselves from hurting the people they think beneath them? Of course they can stop themselves. But what about the ones that can't stop themselves after they are gorged on crowd hate? The guy that brought the Curious George doll with the Obama sash, does he appear raging? The lady who thought Obama was an Arab, does she seem out of control? Subtle hints of racism send out pretty loud messages. The person of Arab decent, do they deserve to be targeted and labeled by racists? No they don't! With the diversity of the world today, we will have a president of Arab decent someday. People who hate the 'difference' before they know a person must have a disconnect in their hearts and minds simply because the person looks different. What has happened to people from the Middle East at the hands of the haters in our country, is our newest horrific saga to add to our history of lifes lessons. Sometimes it just takes one person to say "A person is a person, is a person, is a person" simply put. So it's O.K. to be Arab, African, Indian. Its O.K. to be Black, Native American, Mexican. Its O.K. to be an American! Its O.K. to be Kind, Merciful, Thoughtful. Simply put, Racism is not O.K.

Decent Family Men, Women and Kids, Citizens in my Neighborhood… who are Arab by by Jim at Irregular Times Tuesday October 14th, 2008

"...does John McCain need another attitude readjustment at this late date in his life?"

from Annie's letters ADC Shocked and Dismayed by Senator McCain’s Response to "Arab slur" by Annie Monday, October 13, 2008

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee "All over the country people are asking for materials on Arab culture, history and religion. Listed below is a selection of resources and lesson plans we have put together on this subject. Feel free to print out and use these materials, just make sure to indicate ADC as the source."

The one thing about throwing a racist ridden accusation out to an audience, is that the person who does it needs to know that their audience is of "like minded thinking." by awakening from "Quality of Life" Can I Get Some Back Before I Forget What It Is? post on 10/08/2008

History of Arabia

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, and other Arab countries
Arabian culture is a branch of Semitic civilization; because of this and because of the influences of sister Semitic cultures to which it has been subjected at certain epochs,...

In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved October 12, 2008, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online: history of Arabia.

Archives in History - QUEEN NOOR
Official Website of Her Majesty Queen NoorHM Queen Noor's web site. Reflects her activities and concerns and international commitments. Resume of the Queen, picture gallery, touching pictures of...

A Foot in Two Worlds: Jordan's American-Born Queen by Brantley Anders

from Heeb Magazine

Dispatches From The Culture Of Cool ~ In Sheik’s Clothing Photo by Filip Kwiatkowski and Text by Rebecca Wiener Heeb Media, LLC

So it’s no surprise when Arab-American artists seek to tap into that rebel ethos.

"Iranian-American Maz Jobrani (Iranians are actually Persian not Arab, but few people make the distinction in this post-9/11 world) started a comedy show called “Arabian Nights” in 2000..."

"A group that has long been invisible or marginalized from mainstream audiences, and, more recently, violently harassed and stereotyped by their fearful fellow citizens,..."

rebecca says (REPLIES TO COMMENTS) 07.05.07 -- "...We are imagining a world where Arab culture becomes so painfully cool that kids don burkas for street cred."

"Why would Muslims want to live in America? Why would not Muslim live in Saudi Arabia or some other Muslim country?" By Khaled Hamid for the St. Louis Post Dispatch Civil Religion Blog Friday, April 11, 2008

Ethnic Denim

Arab Culture is more or less also known as Islamic / Muslim Culture.

Arabian Allure

The romance of a desert oasis, the clear starry nights and the allure of a hidden veil all put together can be summed up in one word - Arabia.

Arab Geography

Arabian Clothing and Fashion:

The Jilbab

In modern day usage, jilbab refers to a long, flowing, baggy overgarment worn by some

The Abaya

The abaya is an overgarment worn by some....

The word hijab comes from the Arabic for veil and is used to...

The al-amira is a two-piece veil...

The shayla is a long, rectangular scarf...

The niqab is a veil for the...

The burqa is the most concealing of all...

The khimar is a long, cape-like veil...

The chador, worn by...

Arabian Business and Cultural Guide

Guide to understanding the culture, business culture, and how to do business with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Al-Sabt

Women's Clothing

In addition to the Abayah, a very conservative woman would also wear a face and head cover.

Men's clothing

These head covers protect the head from direct sunlight and can be used to cover the mouth and the nose during sand storms or cold weather.

Fun Stuff!
Your Best Wedding Rhinestone veil for brides (arab makeup and style Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hairstyles for brides, hairstyles for Arab brides, hair accessories, possible ideas for bride who doesn't want traditional veil.

October 1, 2008 1 comments: ...everything about that picture is absolutely *BEAUTIFUL* !!

A week in the kingdom A female SAISer’s perspective By Tania Nour Hamod at The SAIS Observer

"Although some women may remain covered because of their religion, many choose to do so because it is an important custom and tradition."

"We were taken to a conference room where we met with incredibly intelligent, articulate, personable women, most of whom had doctorates."

"Change is happening, she said, but slowly and in a way that can only work for Saudi Arabia."

The UPTAKE is Cutting edge journalism equal to the MN Indpendent (they seem to scare Erik Eskola from WCCO radio)

Sometimes pity and forgiveness is what matters most when they know not what they do the first time around... The UPTAKE

Gayle says she obtained the information on Obama being an Arab at "her local library" and from a pamphlet obtained at a local McCain campaign office (provided by a fellow volunteer not the campaign itself).

There is nothing wrong with being of Arab decent!

(the ones that feed the supporters with lies, well that is a different story, they get no mercy, no forgiveness and no tolerance from me)

vIDEO McCain Rally In Lakeville-Full Event

Presidential Debate By Topics

MN US Senate Debate By Topics

DENIED ACCESS - Coleman Campaign Prevents Independent Media From Attending "News Conference"

Take Action: Be A Citizen Journalist

Add your event or story to our Future News

Hope she does return to update her blog. Very good writing!
saudi stepford wife About Me -- American/Saudi with a dash of religiosity, a pinch of realistic feminism, and usually with humorous overtones. (the coexistence graphic came from this site, i just gave it a little colorful flair)

You Simply Melt!
Arabic Music

Passionate Music

Arabian 2000 from Monday, March 31, 2008

An Informative Post!
Global Voices Online: Saudi Arabia ~ Stephanie’s Thoughts

"This blogger writes passionate articles on issues, events, and news of racism, internet censorship by Saudi officials, and even an extremist riot that bombards the opening of a theatrical performance."

Artistic and Unique!

SHOWROOM LOCATION: All the gowns & accessories featured on this site are Chantal Mallett original designs (unless otherwise stated). Both the designs & photographic images on this web site are copyrighted to Chantal Mallett.


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