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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Republican Congress - the Meanest Mess Makers Ever....


from BAD AMERICAN What’s Confusing You is The Nature of Their Game September 18, 2008

"Don’t let them tell you this economic meltdown is a complicated mess. It’s not."

Bill of Rights

Vermont candidate to prosecute Bush if she wins By JOHN CURRAN AP 9/19/08

Eighhhhhhhhhhhht looooong years of being bulls eyed and bushwhacked. Reason number ONE why I'd never vote for a Republican president! Not at this juncture. Before the Republican congress lost to the Democrats, Republican rule was mean, elitist and was completely obstructionistic....because congress was solely there to do the bidding of the bush administration. No doubt about that. In an odd turn of events the Democrats tried on the leadership hat and have not been able to bring the congress to a place where the citizens feel that their government is working for them. Increasing awareness of doubt across this land of 'us little people' should have been minimized after the Democrats took over. For me, I think it was all of the subpoenas that the Senate committees sent out to people in the bush administration, that were blatantly ignored. All of those hearings without justified closure and justice served. It made the Democratic congress look weak. So, therefore, the entire congress looked weak and inept. No thanks to the Republicans who made a million messes over the years. Great goddess, can you imagine a plain old citizen sending a note to a judge for traffic court or a murder trial, saying "No, I will not honor your honor?" This act of pure disregard for the law by the bush administration taught our younger citizens that some people don't have to follow the law all of the time. What a nasty blotch on our country's reputation around the world. The Republicans had had congress for a long time. They sort of still do. So, is it any wonder that the Democrats are still trying to balance the job of cleaning house and doing congressional chores?!? The Democrats, however, have gone over the top with their vision of what the people need. Not what the people want, but "what they need?" The religious spouting - GAWD awful is what that is. Giving Loony and corny reasons for their dismal approval rating. They can't fathom that they are being included in the numbers. Dear congress - hello, "All of you" you are all part of the problem....reason for your dismal approval rating. plain and simple. If they are a believen' that this is the way the meek inherit the earth, Goddess help us. And what is this mixing church and state junk? Better get off that bible thumping, proverb slapping soap box, cuz its maken' people tune you out congress. Especially the ones thumping for Senator Obama. I won't vote for McCain or me, in my opinion, mine alone...they are both part of the problem now, not the solution. I've been attempting to find something about each one, something presidential, something commander and chiefish. Nope, can't find it and don't hear it in their speeches. That is 'Reason number TWO' why I'm writing in Hillary. In the next several weeks I'm gonna post stuff that concerns me about the Republican congress....where they should've gave pause, should've considered, where they needed to bend and where they brought this country to date. The Democrats don't get a free pass either. When I decided to Write-In Hillary, I also took into account that the election process and voting machines were messed up by Republican NeoCons too. But the (D)'s get lumped in there now because they won't discuss the elephant in the room, so to speak. So, I figure that my write in has a much better chance of getting through than a pre-printed presidential candidate's name. don't ya think?

POD Alert for Old Agenda ~ New Reasons...The guide on * How to Trap and Tag American Workers* Saturday, January 07, 2006

"Comments: Blue Cross of California said... Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system as we are in a major crisis and health insurance is a major aspect to many."

The World Can't Wait Friday, September 08, 2006

"My conversations with others rarely center on anything political, its typically about local everyday happening. What used to be simple everyday pleasures or planned time off moments...They're being constantly consumed by things that cause stress and worry. Like never before - it just keeps on growing. You can see 'it' in more faces and hear 'it' in more voices....And it ain't fear from the threat of terrorism."

Look at the results of Social Service Privatization in Texas...An American Social Responsibility gone tragically to outsourcing in another country.

Etched In My Memory ~ New Orleans Thursday, July 27, 2006

"An eternity to the living breathing dignified survivors, the yearning exiled, the patient trailer dwellers, the pioneering tent dwellers, the determined neighborhood rebels."

Tent City in Texas Among Immigrant Holding Sites Drawing Criticism February 02, 2007

The Real Cost of Prisons Weblog

"About 2,000 illegal immigrants, part of a record 26,500 held across the United States by federal authorities, will call the 10 giant tents home for weeks, months and perhaps years before they are removed from the United States and sent back to their home countries."

Homeless Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Most people when they go homeless still have a great amount of pride and dignity and don’t usually approach people for money."

New Orleans City Leaders ~ Somewhere Under the Radar Monday, July 31, 2006

"I decided that day to become a card carrying Democrat (like my Mom and her family - long ago immigrants from Ireland), until Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro lost the election. The backbone of our economy the blue, pink and gray collar worker and the over all mainstream working class were hit pretty hard after that presidential election."

"Several years ago in Minnesota,, an important law that kept landlords accountable, helped to sustain reasonable rents and helped to preserve affordable housing, vanished out of law. It gave landlords credit for keeping rents at affordable rates, not market rates. With the laws - ordinance time line finished, it didn't take long to see the awful impact on some families and individual renters. Minnesota (the land of principled social safety nets) was the most unlikely place to see social neglect happening, but it was and still is today. Can you imagine the rest of the country?"

Part One....Off Paper? No, Not Yet? How Many Years Later? Never? Saturday, June 02, 2007

"History, even a few years back will serve to create the foundation that we are facing today....See this link......July 13, 2005 -- STATE GOP CHAIR RIPS CLINTON'S VOTING RIGHTS SCHEME Wednesday, July 05, 2006 New York GOP ~ The Felon - The Vote - The Agenda......This is how the then toxic GOP fear mongers were spinning the reason to not give back the right to vote to anyone with a felony. Purely spinning the worst of criminal behavior, the most extreme side of crime and using that to spread the blanket of discrimination over all convicted felons."

Alabama prison commissioner, under GOP pressure, halts prison voter registration drive by Radical Russ from Pams Houseblend Fri Sep 19, 2008

LA's Homeless Blog Where Do They Go, If A Tent City Is Dismantled? Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"This is the question that folks in Tennessee are asking. They state that there are nearly two dozen homeless camps around Nashville, the capital. And one large encampment is planning to be dismantled."

COMMENT:Caleb Childers said...
I believe that more permanent housing needs to be provided. We have seen in the past how temporary housing has worked out for the homeless, especially in the recently destroyed tent city in Ontario, CA.

Caleb Childers

Why Not Turn Foreclosures Into Affordable Housing? Friday, August 29, 2008

Suburban Tent City? North America Housing Reuters Posted by: Michael Dudley at December 24, 2007

:As foreclosure rates rise across the country, former homeowners are seeking shelter in suburban "tent cities" while municipalities struggle to cope with extra costs and declining tax revenues.:

Tent city in suburbs is cost of home crisis By Dana Ford reuters Fri Dec 21, 2007

"the once-booming suburbia of Southern California."

"House prices are going down, but the rentals are sky-high," said Steve. "If it wasn't for here, I wouldn't have a place to go."

So let’s get this out of the way right now. I hate both American political parties for different reasons."

"See, I’m a Bad American."

BEST COMMENT: Daniella May 25, 2008

I agree with being a “Bad American” as you so well described it. I think that many others now are set to re-evaluate what is this supposed “best standard of living” which has been offered as a trade-off for not having health care which is portable, some kind of dignified assistance for our weakest members such as children, poor people, seniors and now unfortunately badly damaged veterans.

I heard that a MN group is attempting to file for the arrest of GWB himself on the grounds of war crime. Check it out in the MN Startribune.

I know it won’t happen but what a notion!

Bad AmericanBushvilles? Of Tent Cities and Golden Parachutes March 19, 2008

Danny Schechter’s latest, as always, is a great if terrifying read.

"He and his wife, Tishara, stopped paying their mortgage in February. They signed up with a new company called You Walk Away to help guide them through the multi-month foreclosure process."

States Accuse Pentagon Of Threats, Retaliation By Lyndsey Layton Washington Post September 19, 2008

from Rachel Maddow Show McCain keeps causing confusion....for himself


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