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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Commentary: It's not Hillary's role to attack Sarah Palin By Jane Condon Special to CNN September 10, 2008

"Ralph said...Wed September 10, 2008 Wonderful...energized Hockey Moms. "Sarah Palin is a GIMMICK! The good old boys in the GOP are using her to get into office. Cheney, Rove, and company are laughing at how easy it is to manipulate the American people because its been done again. This time it is small town vs. big city, simple hockey mom "values" vs. educated "elitists". What is with the resentment towards science and education?" AND MNT said...Wed September 10, 2008 "Thank you Jane Condon! You are so right, Hillary and Sarah are not interchangable! What happened in your party is happening in ours. One more woman with common sense. Well said!"

"It seemed like a good idea, except that Faye Palin supported abortion rights and was registered as unaffiliated, not Republican,..." By WILLIAM YARDLEY NYT 9/2/08

The Word From Wasilla by John Nichols The Nation 09/04/2008 "because you may be ok with ignoring them but most people won't."

1893 Comment About Sarah Palin: A Letter From Anne Kilkenny(s) By admin Presidential Candidates 9/3/08

My first encounter with Mercury Rising & The Confluence was back in June of this year. I wrote an open letter to Senator Hillary Clinton Message to Senator Hillary Clinton about the FISA Bill...Saturday, June 21, 2008. Mercury rising swiftly came in to post against Hillary, that it actually surprised me. I hadn't had the post up for very long, 10 minutes maybe. Then along came The Confluence! They championed Hillary and met Mercury rising head on with fact after fact, debunking the untruths Mercury Rising posted. Actions do speak louder than words...don't they? Neither Blog said who they were, I tracked them through my site meter. I don't know if it was Riverdaughter who came to Hillary's rescue on my blog, but who ever it was I'd like to Thank them again! I know Mercury Rising was gunning for my blog post about Hillary, cuz she/he went all out to post on the Daily Koz about my blog post with a link back to my blog. Oh Crap, I thought. I'm not significant, I'm not that politically involved and I don't usually post on other blogs. I just admire Hillary so much that I had to write about her for the umpteenth time. Love to read other blogs, but don't usually feel I have anything important to add on the comment section. I learn a lot from other blogs too. Recently I came across a new favorite blog called Mountain Sage. The Blog is under WordPress and I can't comment without releasing my email address. Which does contain my name. So, in order to remain anonymous and to keep the kooks at bay, like the 1 comment I erased
-for the very first time- on my hero Hillary post (it was too nasty) I can't always comment even if I want to. I highly respect and admire The Confluence and Mountain Sage for their courage and intellect in the face of adversity and unrest. I think I reacted like Obama when Mercury Rising came by, I tried to be the mediator and find the middle ground and could not take the necessary action immediately to deflect Mercury Risings reaction to "my" post. Not in a way that plainly stated "You are wrong." using the facts. Someone at The Confluence did it instead, and brilliantly so. I, by nature, tend to be a universal mediator type. So taking aim to debate a one issue stance is difficult for me. I can't. Not unless it involves a close family member, a friend or one of my long time clients. The issue has to be connected to someone I know and then I can challenge, advocate and do battle with the best of them. Mainly because I'm stead fast and sure of what I am fighting for. That is a strength that I am proud of. My weakness is when it is not tied to a person I have known or to someone I know who is living that experience. I get caught off guard if I am not prepared. I say dumb things sometimes and I feel totally clueless other times. In that I think I have the same personality type as Senator Obama. That is where the similarity stops. I'm certainly not as smart as he is. That is why he should have caught his words in time, not said them and because he did he should of just apologized for he and his audiences misdirected reaction to his words. Words matter here.

'Lipstick' Flap Gets A 'Reality Check' Written By Raj Chohan CBS4 Sep 10, 2008

Just can't dictate everyones interpretation of anothers words. I do think he subconsciously knew what he was doing when he made the lipstick remark. I heard his pause before he uttered the words. Sometimes "Intuitives" feel the need to put something out into the ethos so they can gauge the feelings of their audience. Its a great way to take the temperature of the person or people your talking to. Its also a great tool that many professionals use in their daily job. In this case it was a bad move by Senator Obama. The words were bungled. Yes, Senator you did know what you were doing. You might've gotten a pass from me on this one, except you came back with another comment about how Governor Palin is new on the scene and has five kids and how you and your wife get tired out by your two, That statement about 'her' kids and 'you and your wifes' kids right a blanket sexist statement - why didn't you mention Governor Palins husband too? The blanket sexist remarks aimed at Hillary were non-stop. I caught them all. I also hated it when you pulled Hillary's chair out for her at the debates. I don't know why, but I just hated that. Note to Senator Obama and staff: You know darn well what you are doing, so stop it! There is nothing silly about what is going on between your camp and McCains camp. The citizens are at the mercy of both your partys power over our governmental goings on. Senator Obama act like the Presidential Candidate. Senator McCain act like the Presidential candidate. Our country is hurting! I thank The Confluence and Mountain Sage and all of the rest for giving me a sense of unity, offering boundless wisdom and helping me to feel much braver without Hillary on the presidential ticket. I may not agree with everything that others think about Sen. Obama. There are a few things that Senator Obama did or didn't do, that I won't budge on. Still ticked about. But I can fully agree that if Hillary were on the ticket "United We Stand" would mean something far greater and grander for all of our futures. The Puma's have taken a great risk at a very necessary time in our country. I Thank all of them. The Democratic party is no place for me and the Republican party never was. I’m still an Independent…what can I say. Can we team up and unite “Clinton and Palin” for President and Vice President instead? Polar Opposites with a friendly but fiercely qualified brand of real Change for the Better. I don’t know, just a thought. I suppose it depends on what shape our country is in come 2012. I shudder to imagine, so I won’t. I'm still writing in Hillary.

The Best Comments from The Confluence

"As a reminder, Hillary’s statement on Plain: Hillary Clinton released the following statement on McCain’s selection of Palin: "We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate." She is ALL CLASS!!! Shaking head over what could have been (but what will be in another 4 years)."

"Clinton - hey, winner!
Clinton - TWICE?!?"

"The Democratic Party is going up in flames. I don’t recognize it, or maybe it was always like this but I was so invested in Bush hate I kept them a pass. I’m walking around in a daze. I truly want no part of this new and “improved” party. I look at how the RNC circles the wagon and protects its own and my fury knows no bounds over what Hillary went thru."

Donna Brazile (Brazile is the Chair of the Democratic National Committee's Voting Rights Institute and was a delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.) said the oddest and dumbest thing on a cable news station over the weekend it started here...comments to what she said are...

"Jesus was a community organizer
Pontius Pilate was a governor" So, really, what the Democratic party is saying is that Barack Obama is Jesus Christ. And Sarah Palin is the person who tortured and crucified him? Is this really a conversation they want to be having with Christian evangelicals who support Palin? I mean, is there any blood flowing to the Democratic party’s brains? Or is all blood flowing into their southern regions to support their abnormally long-lasting *rection* over Obama?"

"Jesus was NOT a community Organizer according to the bible he was the son of... ...wasn't Jesus a Carpenter?"

"I’ve seen that Jesus was ….Pontius….. thing everywhere today, and I don’t get it. How does that help Obama; how does that saying hurt Palin? How does it help The One to be compared to Jesus? This has got to be the stupidest, dumbest piece of political gibberish ever. I can’t believe Dems want to push it. I hope McCain uses it in an ad, and lists the names/faces of every Dem governor in it. "

The Imploding of the Democratic party Begins....
S.C Dem Chair: Palin’s Primary Qualification is She hasn’t had an Abortion. By Jonathan Martin at Count Us Out


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