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Monday, September 01, 2008



Hopefully the law enforcement will leave this protest alone. There is nothing more important, then allowing those hardest hit, to have a voice somewhere. So why not in Minnesota! Minnesota was one of the most progressive thinking states and had a most impressive collage of social, government and commercial initiatives made for and by the people. Also hope the news stations are paying attention to this march. After all, they are the faces of all of us and the voice of a nation feeling eight years of the worst administration in the history of this nation!

Homeless Families, Uninsured and Working Poor Will Testify About Being Poor in America in Effort to Promote Economic Human Rights from WhyNotNews

Thousands Expected to Protest RNC on September 2nd

"On September 2, the group will lead thousands through the streets of St. Paul against the backdrop of the RNC to draw attention to the economic policies that have left them battling homelessness and poverty."

Aug 27th, 2008 Poor People's Campaign Sits in At HUD Three Members Arrested from the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

"On Tuesday, August 26 2008, 25 members of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign conducted a sit-in at the offices of Dexter Sydney, Minneapolis Field Director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to demand that he keep his promise to attend the MN Truth Commission." go and Read more

The party ain't what it used to be.... In 1828, President Andrew Jackson support from many different kinds of people, especially poor and working people in the country, rather than just from rich people... "He changed his party's name to the Democratic Party, because he believed in democracy." from wikipedia

There are few issues on which all Democrats agree, but most support graduated income taxes (rich people pay more than poor people)...

Yet, the (D)'s choice for VP approved the anti-working class "Bankrupt Vote" from Pacific

"So when Joe Biden comes around asking for your support for his presidential run in 2008, let him know that you'd be happy to support him as much as he's supported us. In other words, go jump in a lake, Joe."

Minnesota DFL Forced To Fund Raise For the GOP? by awakening Sunday, June 17, 2007

Convention Daily ANALYSIS Profiling Sarah Palin National Journal Sunday, Aug. 31, 2008

"State Lawmakers And Former Opponents Of McCain's VP Weigh Her Pros And Cons by Will Englund"
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