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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dear Senator Clinton,
If you get this message in time for your speech this evening, please help me understand Senator Obama. Why did he vote for FISA? Why has he changed his position on offshore drilling? One speaks to the promotion of fear mongering --FISA-- and the other speaks to satisfying greed --Offshore drilling--. I'm have great difficulty with his changes. What can you say to your supporters that could help us understand his change from being a Progressive Courageous Thinker on many levels to his tipping towards the neoCon - neoLiberal position. I don't want another bush administration and would never vote for Senator McCain. But I also don't want any signs of "Neo" pandering from the Democratic side. There are real conservatives and there are true Democrats. I just happen to choose to be an Independent. Other peoples parties don't bother me as much as other people using their party to bulldoze the masses with their ideals, deciding for all as to what’s best for the nation and for this world. That bothers me if it is not about making peace and showing humility and creating equality. The bush administration, along with bushdog democrats have only been about war and fear mongering and greed. Which is why I will always remain an Independent. You are one of the great hero's to women and men alike. So, please help us to understand why Senator Obama for President now. Thank you.


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