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Monday, August 25, 2008

~ sound of heart exploding ~


Winning the Right to Vote ~ Celebrating the 88th Anniversary of Women in the United States August 26th - Women’s Equality Day

After I saw a small group of some very 'misguided' Hillary supporters with Chris Mathews of MSNBC this afternoon, I made a trip around the blogesphere to find positive comments about my favorite champion of womens rights, children rights, civil rights, human rights and worker rights ~ SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON! I found Shakesville to be the most inspirational!

Can Senator Clinton help explain Senator Obama's FISA vote and his change in supporting offshore drilling? I was willing to over look these area's of concern if Senator Clinton was on the ticket for VP. I felt she must know more about why he did what he did. Maybe it was a crafty strategy, I thought?

If Senator Clinton was willing to go on the ticket with him -- Senator Barack Obama--, I believed and trusted that she --Senator Hillary Clinton-- must 'know' that we would 'all' do much better with an Obama Presidency.

But now that she is not on the ticket, I don't have that gauge, that compass, that sense of inner certainty that Senator Hillary Clinton gave me to navigate throught this historical election year.

Senator Barack Obama broke my trust when he voted for FISA. He hasn't officially signed on to offshore drilling, yet. Does he want to keep church and state separate? These area's of concern among a cascade of issues caused by the horrific bush administration are important to me. Can Senator Hillary Clinton help 'me' to understand Senator Barack Obama?

COMMENTS: From Shakesville

Hillary Urges Unity by Petulant Monday, August 25, 2008

From: petulantrumble Videos: 232

Senator Clinton held a press conference this morning after the New York Delegation's breakfast.

JupiterPluvius And "I'm Hillary Clinton and I do not approve this message" is the most genius-filled bit of genius that anyone ever came up with.

[ sound of heart exploding ] Ciccina

Ciccina Why is it so important to bury the proof of Senator Clinton's extraordinary achievement?

votermom She is so classy. "Despite all the verbal abuse and bullying she's been subjected to. Amazing woman."

rrp She is the best. "...the more I saw of her, especially as she slugged it out after Penn left, the more I respected and liked her."

"The primary ends and she went on to do the right thing on FISA and keep at this HHS rule change. Even though I don't tend to think well of pols, I think well of her."

Denver's first protests, 'dingbat campaign consultants', complaints of AP editor bias and Veepstakes by Lisa Stone at BlogHer


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