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Saturday, August 23, 2008


It can still happen!

Welcome Twin Cities H R Clinton Supporters!

MY WORD IS ALL I'VE GOT by Alegre at ALEGRE'S CORNER August 23, 2008

I am absolutely baffled over Senator Obama’s choice for Vice President!

I don't want to say anything mean against Senator Biden, but I can't help feeling that he represents the status quo. I heard a few television cable news commentators say they think that Hillary's supporters from Pennsylvania will change their vote to Obama because Joe Biden was born there.


Jackson's still a rock star at any such event, and the good news is: he was the one (aside from Brunner) who bothered to speak about Election Integrity in his speech. Dean didn't say a word about it. from BradBlog

Voting Machine Problems Right In To The November Election, Again! from AlterNet

They equated his daily train trip home every day after work, to what the working class does every day. And I heard that Senator Biden fits an over all demographic that the Obama campaign need. Hmmm...are they kidding?

After watching the
MSM whip themselves into a frenzy over waiting for the announcement of Senator Obama's pick for Vice President, I think the MSM is more and more irrelevant in the news game. The blogesphere as always found time to write about real news. Important stuff going on in your and my towns and cities.

One good thing came out of that frenzy, it almost knocked McCain completely off the nightly news. Except for some insignificant story about houses. Sore subject with a lot of people, considering the mortgage crisis. Who cares how many houses McCain has and who cares how much Obama's house cost. Who cares!?!

Back to "Oh No...Say it ain't so Joe!" Senator Biden came on my radar when he joined one of the initial debates "The PBS Democratic Debate Hosted by Tavis Smiley". That for me was a bit irritating. That for me was typical of a politician. That for me was why Hillary got my nod on that one.

The fighting Continues as Biden is named VP! Posted by CarlaforHillary at 8/23/2008

Seven Reasons Why Hillary Was the Better Choice Joe Lauria Huffington Post August 23, 2008
I've listened to Senator Biden a few times when he was part of the other debates or being interviewed and nothing really "stuck or struck" other than his inability to understand the question put to him and everyone who followed not 'hearing' the question either.

I did get lost a few times trying to understand his meaning of a statement made here and there. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus (what I say to my husband when he makes no sense). Ughhh!

So, now I'm left to write Hillary's name in when election day comes. Which is not going to count because we have optical scanners that read the little filled in bubble. I don't know if they can record a write in? I'll have to find out now. I've always had a candidate to pick. I didn't vote the year Kerry ran, too sick to go to the polls. I certainly wasn't going to vote for him anyway.

There are a few ladies in Iowa that I know, they're going to write in Hillary's name. Do I just vote for local candidates and leave the presidential choice blank or don't go at all? This really sucks! Sorry, just have to vent now. Cuz, going into next week, I'll probably feel even more deflated, less enthused, less motivated and less inspired. Crap!

When I didn't like Hillary's vote on the Iranian guard, I chose John Edwards because I felt too much emphasis was being placed on 'fear mongering' aimed at the Iranians. Rather then looking straight at the bush administration as the instigators who use lies to get their way.

John Edwards had a platform to fight poverty and
that let my humanitarian social aspirations grow from inspiration that former Senator John Edwards was able to ignite. Then I lost him and floundered a bit until I noticed the 'real' Hillary emerging. Especially when she let the moderators have it in one of the debates. I thought, "Hey, she still has it!" She still has that edge, that special thing that made me grow to admire her years ago.

One thing I've never had to do with Hillary, is I never scratched my head in confusion at anything she has ever said. I've always understood her direct style of comminication when she spoke. Never had to sort out her meaning. Hillary supporters are still being called all sorts of names. And maybe that is why I won't give up on her.

OK, so you don't like the Biden pick. So what are you going to do? Brilliant at Breakfast Posted by Jill Saturday, August 23, 2008

That attitude that says I have to bend to the will of another group, is most likely why I won't give in. It is most likely why I became an Indpendent. I believe Senator Clinton is the most qualified and Obama's people think he is the most qualified.

With those odds, why wouldn't you put them together?
Don't the Democrats want to win this presidency? Why are they staying with the same to the status quo? The status quo aren't the majority, not anymore.

The movement of those that want to take back the country from a horrific nightmare called the bush administration
and a consistently out of touch congress (where politicians seem to live their lives out once they get there) that movement is hopefully filled with practical realists.

Remember, our country didn't break all by itself. One plus one equals two.

What is a Bush Dog Democrat? A FAQ... by: Matt Stoller Open Left Thu Aug 30, 2007

I don't know what else to call the decision of Senator Obama (D) to choose Senator Biden (D) for Vice President, but to call it "Fear of Success" again?

Reaction To Obama’s Biden Vice President Pick: Solid, Masterful Or Uninspired Mistake? by Joe Gandelman, Editor-In-Chief The Moderate Voice August 24th, 2008


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