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Sunday, August 17, 2008


SERIOUS ERROR MADE BY McCain last night, when answering questions at the Saddleback Ranch....

Senator John McCain IS WRONG about who started what.... RUSSIA BLOG

U.S. is Complicit in Georgian Attack By CITIZEN AGAINST LIES

A Two-Sided Descent Into Full-Scale War By Peter Finn Washington Post Foreign Service Sunday, August 17, 2008 191 COMMENTS

"They say the uniforms and guns all came from the United States," said Zaira Khurayeva a refugee from Dominis..." from .COMMON SENSE

Media quick to blame Russia for clash Georgia started from The Arizona Republic August 16, 2008

McCain: Georgia conflict is the ‘first serious crisis internationally since the end of the Cold War.’ Think Progress August 15, 2008

Gorbachev: Georgia started conflict in S. Ossetia CNN August 14, 2008

Fox cuts off young girl after she blames Georgian military by Lucie at One More Promethian August 14th, 2008

Experts Discuss Georgia-Russia Conflict By Andre de Nesnera Washington VOA August 11, 2008

SERIOUS ERROR for the Presidential Candidate's to continue the talk about --religion--

No More Religious Forums, Please!

Religion has no place in public Politics.

Religion is a private matter...This country is made up of many private beliefs!!!

On his own, in private or a public forum not related to national politics...Rev. Rick Warren could share and inject some of his 'whole life' humility into the more fanatic religious factions of the evangelicals and help them correct their misinterpretation of their bible.

Reaction to US rivals' debate from BBC News August 17, 2008

Barack Obama seems to wear the meaning of the WORD and walks a truer message. Senator Obama cares about so many things that his message becomes too complex for the simple mind. I understood his answers and loved how he answered because I am an intuitive., not because I'm as smart as he is. I tend to read people by not only what they say, but how they say something. Body language plays in to that too. That is the way I've always listened to people when they talk.

Senator John McCain is too narrow in his answers that it is difficult to gage whether he has the capability to step outside of a decision once made, if he finds it needs revising. He sometimes makes false statements and that is probably due to lack of correct source information at the time he lets his opinion be known. That concerns me and makes him look vulnerable. He believes he has been 'saved and forgiven.' But he has not said whether he forgives other's, yet?

That's a problem with an individual who can express self forgiveness out loud, but cannot through words in the same breath extend their forgiveness and mercy to another, out loud.

His approach to having an actual conversation is very short of meaningful. hmmm....

When I was young and going to parochial school, I actually had friends who believed (like their parents) that as long as they went to weekly confession, said a few Hail Mary's, an Our Father and the Act of Contrition, their slate was wiped clean every Sunday.

When one takes their moral pulse only a few times a week, its too easy to twist it in to false piety. Practice what you preach (my Moms famous saying to my sister and I growing up).

My husband and I watched the Saddleback Ranch forum last night. The reason my husband decided to watch with me was because I gave him a little profile of the Reverend Rick Warren. I had to emphasize "He doesn't seem like a fanatical bible thumper at all." He didn't want to watch an evangelistic debate between Obama and McCain. And he knows I would never go for that either.

While each presidential candidate spoke, we voiced opinions and shared snippets of what we heard about each. That is what the forum did for us. It had us talking about what each candidate might mean to our world today because of what they did yesterday.

When McCain mentioned his first marriage as his moral failing, I filled in the empty space where he should have elaborated. My husband didn't know all of the story until I shared it with him. When Barack answered the question, we both already know this about him.

In our everyday life, candidate profile discussions do not come up too often. There is plenty of time for that later. We have better thing to do right now. We already knew the important things about Barack. My husband is impressed by Senator Barack Obama's thoughtful and intellectual presence of mind (my husband is a walking calculator, physically fit and is extremely smart at 62 years of age) and he respects McCain’s POW status (my husband is a Navy Veteran from the 1960's early 1970's).

I am still miffed (down a level from pissed) by Barack Obama's vote on FISA and his consideration to support 'Off shore drilling' in the US (I believe in the entire US Constitution and I am steadfast on the Oil Corp. using the millions of acres they already have). I have no feeling towards Senator McCain one way or the other about his military service (I was a little girl in the late 60's early 70's). He is not woman friendly, family friendly or worker friendly in my opinion, based on his actions during his long stay (too long) in the Senate.

If Senator Hillary Clinton does not get the Vice Presidency, I'm going to stay on the fence all the way to November. I truly think Senator Barack Obama would make an amazing President, only if he had a strong inner circle of staff from diverse backgrounds too. I know who Hillary is and I trust her without a doubt. She would be the strength of tower for an Obama administration. She has great skill of perception in how to describe any complex issue or idea to many ears listening. Which compliments Baracks skill of actually seeing the depth and breadth of issues in a complex world. I want a team of Peace Makers.

ps...I like that Barack Obama acknowledged the women in his life!

Voting Machine Boondoggle by Mary at The Left Coaster Aug 18, 2008


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