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Thursday, August 14, 2008



Re-create 68 Alliance

Looks like the Denver Convention is going to top the Saint Paul Convention by a very wide margin.

Take away the political looks like Denver wins! Bet a few real conservatives show up in Denver to have fun. And I bet we won't see any fireworks, not until the Ron Paul brigade arrive on the scene here in Minnesota.

Wonder if the arrestee cages are co-ed? I think Ron Pauls people will make a mark for their convention, the rest boring, boring, and more boring.
Ooops, I forgot about Michele Bachmann. If she is being her regular old self, we might get a little embarrassment with that (R) convention. Please Ron Paul People, drown out Michele Bachmann that entire time!

Democratic National Security is For the Boys by Matt Stoller at Open Left Friday Aug 15, 2008 (this looks bad for the dem's...)

August 24, 9am End the Occupations March and Rally

Speakers and Bands:

ARCHIVE Days of Resistance Film Festival
(our entire economy is tied to the anchor of the Iraq Invasion and Occupation.)

Appearing Tonight (Friday) for Q&A After 'Stealing America' in Beverly Hills Blogged by Brad Friedman on 8/15/2008

(the best voter and election reporting anywhere.)

"...well-timed and certainly puts a stake through the heart of Diebold and any..."

'Uncounted' adds up voting irregularities Rob Nelson MinnPost January 30, 2008 (out of all of the elected officials, too few discuss this issue.)

"... there were numerous and striking irregularities in the past two presidential elections, and that combined they give new meaning to the term "national security." (why aren't presidential candidates talking about this?)

CSPAN "...the number of people behind bars in the U.S. totals 2.3 million. "Author and journalist Jennifer Gonnerman discusses the social and financial implications of incarcerating 25% of the world's prisoners." Washington, DC : 53 min. video (time for prison reform!)

Hillary's Name to Be Placed In Nomination By Jeralyn, Talk Left Thursday August 14, 2008 Bump and Update: Joint Statement from Obama and Clinton Campaigns: (Pleased, very Pleased!)

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