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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Iran Should Sue U.S. in World Court

Francis Boyle: Iran Should Sue U.S. in World Court to Stop Threats of Attack Robert Naiman, Just Foreign Policy, July 28, 2008

United States Translators Poorly Trained O(R) Politically Trained? Thursday, June 28, 2007 "Iran provided invaluable assistance in stabilizing the post-Taliban government led by Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan," AND "20k Jews in Iran including a member of Parliament. There's no evidence that they are being done away with."

Being A Proud Iranian Jew Would Be Better Then.... Friday, October 19, 2007 "Iran Target of Apparent Disinformation Ploy Published on Tuesday, May 23, 2006 by Inter Press Service by Jim Lobe"

Navajo Peacemaker: Walking in Beauty in Iran "Walking In Beauty As A Framework for International Peacemaking In Iran" By Michelle Cook at Censored News Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Bush and Cheney agenda is to illegitimately provoke a war with Iran "Reporting and interviews by Seymour Hersh details instances. And Congress OK's $400 millionfor covert ops in Iran" by 6079 at ThisIsByUs August 04, 2008

Interview with Ron Suskind at MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann August 5, 2008 "Keith Olbermann talks with Ron Suskind about new White House revelations on the run-up to the war (INVASION / OCCUPATION) in Iraq, as described in his new book "The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism."

John Dean -Worse Than Watergate- talks with Keith Olbermann about the LETTER...

This is probably the only way that 'we' will be contained, is through the "International Court of Justice."

I've often wondered why the US leaders oppose Iran having equal access to the same energy sources. I am not a supporter of nuclear power, never have been. We make the waste, but the experts are still not smart enough to figure out how to extract all of the toxic materials out of nuclear waste and reuse it in ways that would not poison all living creatures and natural resources. Nuclear waste, dumped into mother earth every day.

From The Left Coaster ~
MIT announces major breakthrough in solar technology. by Mary Monday August 4, 2008

The big oil companies have had about 30 years to come up with a viable solution that is actually tangible. No more excuses from them will work ever again. They have millions of acres of our (US) land that is just *sitting* there? Is nuclear power really code for "War Mongering?' Isn't that what 'we' have been literally doing since the inception of our program...War Mongering through threats and tantrums of sheer arrogance?

So, then I muse at how many countries have had the use of nuclear power for decades and who they are. Other than India and Pakistan getting the nod to grow their nuclear energy programs in recent years, how many other
countries actually have built a --HUGE-- arsenal of weapons from their nuclear energy propaganda oops I meant programs? I can only think of three, the US, Russia and Israel.

It's odd to me as to how countries are chosen to be able to
produce nuclear weapons after they have the green light to grow a nuclear energy program. It sort of smells like toxic sun baked fish. I'll have to do more home work on this one.

All I know, is that right now and years leading up to now, Iran has been harassed and threatened by **our** country's leaders. Remember that
axis of evil thingy that our own (fanatic)leadership took satisfaction in repeating over and over? Let's see, which countries were dart boarded by that idiotic phrase? Oh yeah, Iraq, Iran, and North Korea.

These dangerous (our very own) leader's from the past eight years have promoted, backed and implemented the torture and destruction of not only other country people's, but these dangerous (our very own) leaders have purposefully destroyed the fibers of the fabric that make up this great nation.

News from a Multicultural Perspective Political and Social Developments Ripped from the Headlines

It all grew from an obsessively contemptuos and egregious delusional fantasy. A delusional fanatsy of self-importance. A NeoCon fantasy that has become everyone's nightmare. A 24 hour - 7 day a week nightmare for the Iraqi people.

The rest of congress
that did join the NeoCons came into full view the day they "all" voted to continue the illegal invasion and occupation funding after the November 2006 elections. Horror of all horrors.

I am still today, very grateful for those few Congress members for
standing their ground and refusing to be bullied into agreeing to continue this illegal occupation.

I just found out that all congress needed in the Senate this whole time was 41 members to stop the funding. Heard this on CSPAN radio or POTUS2008 radio last week. 41 members to put up a road block, 60 for a passing vote, but 41 for a road block.

The Democratic Senate didn't even try in congress. I won't forget this when it comes to voting again in November 2008; I won't forget how many Democratic congress members, both House and Senate are essentially on the telecom's payroll. Remember FISA? God, there are so many things, I'm getting a headache!

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death EstimatorIraq is off the dart board for reasons you already know and North Korea has been yanked off that dart board now, too.

Calling it plain **Greed** just seems to make the whole thing less criminal, especially in light of the string of truths that are coming to light. Calling it **Criminal** seems like someone with ethical authority -an ethical group of authority would be better- would actually move to end it, to end the crimes against humanity that we -US- have caused.

The Courts of International Justice will have to hold the United States Government accountable for a list of crimes
against humanity. We as a country's people will pay the ultimate price for that accountability. We as a people should not have to pay for the crimes of our leaders, though there are enough of us that know that this mess, that this travesty, that this horrific action does belong to all of us. Not solely belonging to a president or to one party, as Speaker Pelosi seems to think. Not any longer, not since the election of November 2006.

I fear (my opinion) it is necessary that we all carry the burden of our governments malicious crimes, so that we can restore our great American experiment that is the American Dream and fall back in order with the rest of the worlds focus for peace. For Peace Sake!

Our leaders did not protect our own or the other nations of people in question, so sadly the International Courts will have to set a "precedent" to protect the world from us as a war mongering nation, just until our role on the globe has found its way back to the realm of sanity, back to the axis of 'World' peace.

Will they have to make an example of us so that we and other nations with a taste for **blood and treasure** think twice before embarking on another 'Conquer and Covet' mission of destruction, again?

Those of us who are pacifists know that there is no such thing as one grain of victory in the quick sand of the dying and not one seed of triumph on the battle field of the dead.

And lastly, if the US does have covert operations working to the detriment of another nation, inside Iran, the World Court is going to have to move much faster.

What They --GOP-- were doing then...Published: August 11, 1998 As Vacation Begins for Congress, Problems Follow the G.O.P. Home By ALISON MITCHELL NYT

What They --The Candidates-- Are Doing Right Now August 3, 2008
Strange that both candidates are looking for running mates among supporters of all the policies that have made Americans sick of the political landscape and angry at the horrible job government has done. From DownWithTyranny

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