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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


"It estimates that 44.4 million adults in the USA provide unpaid care for another adult. But child caregivers largely have remained hidden and often stay silent because they fear being separated from parents." From dj6ual YouTube site....

Multiple Sclerosis and Health Issues 70 Videos Learning About MS and Other Health Issues

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Learning About MS and Other Health Issues From:dj6ual

Work your whole life? Losing everything? Have Health Insurance? Losing everything you worked for, even though you have Health Insurance?
Watch this video....

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In Building a Platform, Working Families Find Common Ground Ketaki Gokhale at New America Media July 01, 2008

No matter what the health condition you or someone you know and love may be living with, having health care coverage is critical for health maintenance after the worst symptoms have subsided when the correct medicine or treatment is prescribed and taken. I say 'taken' with an emphasis.

If you can't afford to take the treatment, going to the doctor and paying the doctor is a fruitless undertaking. Unless doctors ask up front and offer free samples, the individual will be faced with choosing which basic need do they need more. A patient may be too embarrassed to bring it up, so doctors please ask your patient right then and there.

Do other developed country infrastructures take better care of their citizens, so their citizens can continue to contribute to the community to the best of their healthy ability? You bet they do!

My daughter has her medicine for her MS now. There was a time when we drained every dollar coming in to buy all of the medicine she needed, along w/ free samples when they could be had. And she was luckily informed about community medical grants to offset some of the cost. That was before the 5th year when she was finally diagnosed with MS, but after she was already labeled with pre-exisiting medical conditions, that for the most part were not correctly diagnosed.

Everything that flooded her poor tired body got worse because the correct tests were refused initially. Thank goddess for an alert and skilled Ophthalmologist that saw the inflammation in my daughters eyes from an MS attack that would repeatedly and slowly rob her of her sight in one eye. Along with painful routine bodily reactions.

This was a second trip to the eye doctor in a short few months because her new glasses didn't seem to be the right prescription again. It was the MS attacks the whole time, all five years as it worsened its attack on her eyes.

So, from the time she graduated from high school at 17 years to the time of the correct diagnosis, my daughter suffered from not having the 'kind' of health care that would be considered real "Health Care." Today, I look at her still, as one of my top hero's. She's amazing!

My daughter recently told me that Meals on Wheels lost its funding in our area and has cut back on delivering meals to Seniors. She's on it and I have no doubt, will be heard.

Maybe one meal a month! Can you believe it?!? The one's who deliver the meals represent much more than a life sustaining meal every single day. They are a social necessity to a population of people who helped to build our towns and cities. Teachers, store clerks, farmers, gas station attendants, social workers, real estate agents, police officers, secretaries, managers and business owners. All links to our past achievements, historians of our communities.

If one meal is all that is allowed and they have pets, who do you suppose gets that meal? The many, many volunteer's do a lot more then they are expected to do. They make sure the entire family - four legged furry babies get their meals too.

Shame on Anoka County and all other counties for letting this program go down the drain and for leaving the Seniors of our nation alone, in the dark, in the heat, in the freezing cold, in the silence....shame on you community leaders!

Heard on the radio WCCO that a person on a utility budget plan saw their cost go up 100%. And then heard that utilities are expected to jump 30 to 50% this winter. The utility companies have already padded their profit making machine the last two winters....the bills of people were shockingly outrageous.

So, I suggest to anyone...if you see your bill suddenly boost compared to last year, you might want to ask for an audit. If you get an unsatisfactory statement that their equipment and process is created to work correctly, or some mumbo jumbo like that, challenge them. If that does not or email the MN Attorney Generals office and check on what your rights are concerning local utility companies.

Even more people will become indebted to the utility companies this year (more than any so far). It seems they may have been working through targeted populations in targeted geographical area's. As soon as they drain those individuals of their savings, they will move on. Hope the Minnesota Attorney Generals office is watching our local utility companies very closely.

Low end income earners can not cope with the utility costs, the rent costs, the mortgage costs, the gasoline costs, the food prices and medical costs just don't factor in when you gotta eat something. Simple. Will we in Minnesota have tent cities by Fall?

A few careless, insensitive and ignorant people recently mused how awful that a person who is being foreclosed on, that they get to stay in the house another 6months after foreclosure in place. How awful for the new buyer, they said. And then they came down on all people in foreclosure - as if they were automatically destined to deliberately destroy their house before moving out, because they were angry. Blaming the victims instead of the leaders tells me a lot about people. And I think I have lost all respect for the two people that I thought were least likely to talk so apathetically about anyone else. Especially because of 'their' life experiences. Sad.

This belief that all foreclosed homeowners are ready to trash their home sweet home is untrue for the majority. I don't expect them to do the kind of fixing up one would do if selling. After all if they could afford to fix up the house, then that would mean they had money to pay the mortgage, maybe. Common sense says the money that one might have left has to go to paying for a new dwelling, if it can be had.

A house near my home could no longer be afforded by a young family. They moved in the middle of the night. By winter, no one else had showed up to maintenance the house while on the market for sale, I gather by the bank. Anyway, the pipes burst during the coldest part of winter and flooded the downstairs. I wouldn’t have thought about that, but I did notice the night the police were shining the flash lights looking for someone who had broke in.

Everything we are, in this country, is tied to something we care about. Something we invested in. Someone we live for. Wonder what will we look like in another 6 months???

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