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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dear Mister Oil Man, Dear Mister and MS. Congress,


COMMENT from mycatisromeo
: THAT WAS THE BEST F**%*** VIDEO I'VE EVER SEEN! SO TRUE. INGENIOUS. I'VE GOT TO MEET THE GUY WHO MADE THIS. Seriously A+++. Scary as hell, but so true. If things don't collapse and people don't rebel, they'll be consolidated into poverty camps like in the movie "Soylent Green"

Referring to: A Post-Oil Man

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Some folks think this guy is an idiot but he is...

Poor Little Misfit Congress Christmas Story

Update June 21, 2008 from Mercury Rising Surprise! Bush Lies About Oil Crisis Posted by MEC "George W. Bush used his weekly radio address to blame the Democrats for high gasoline prices."

UPDATE 6/18/2008 - Ed Schultz had a really interesting caller today, named Pat Higgins possibly also known as the renown Patrick J. Higgins. He said he was one of the investigators for the Exxon Valdez. Most interesting was his knowledge in how the oil industry is not being forth coming about places they have already set aside for drilling. They are not telling the truth. What also perked up my ears was the information about how the Exxon Valdez catastrophe could've been avoided altogether. Just by installing better more updated warning equipment.

I do believe in the strictist regulations to protect the environment, its paramount.

Otherwise we will have nothing but baron dead bodies of water and toxic lands.

Go to Ed's site and buy the Pod Cast if you missed it.

Deals with Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back The Ed Schultz Show 6/19/2008

Conservatives Echo McCain’s False Claim That Katrina Caused No Oil Spill Damage By Guest at Think Progress June 19, 2008 "The truth is that Hurricane Katrina caused oil spillage so significant it was...."

Blog Articles for H.R.6049: from OpenCongress "To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide incentives for energy production and conservation, to extend certain expiring provisions, to provide individual income tax relief, and for other purposes."

Soaring price of fuel crippling independent truckers By NICK BONHAM THE PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN June 15, 2008 "Last year, diesel cost $2.98 per gallon; today's average cost is $4.79."

CSPAN 1 Format: Senate Committee - Energy and Natural Resources - Last Airing: 06/18/2008 - Event Date: 06/17/2008

CSPAN 2 Congressional Chronicle June 17, 2008: Republicans controlled the first half of the Senates morning business Thereafter, the Senate resumed consideration of the motion to proceed to H.R.6049, the Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act.

NAFTA superhighway from Wikipedia

(correction so noted dear - please replace class C driver with class D driver anywhere I made mention. Thank you again menopause!)

After traveling over 250 miles on I35 recently, it struck me that maybe the slick oil executives are trying to get our US trucks dwindled down to a nice neat manageable size. Like a hungry wild predator animal that separates the most vulnerable from the herd, maybe the oil industry leaders are in the midst of a hunt.

Ah, the Great White Hunters of today. Remember the Tarzan movies? Yep!

Union Praises Citizens, Union Members Who Spoke Out Against Key Link in “NAFTA Superhighway June 12, 2008

After Mister Oil man is done with the Class A and Class B driver, they are comin' for us? They actually have been using us - class C drivers to create a wedge between us and them. They have already thinned the herd of Class C drivers but know there are a lot more of us than big rigs. Bad Mister Oil Man!

If they can get enough of the Independent Trucker's off the road, away from other Truckers, they will eventually succeed in getting closer to breaking the Union Trucker. The Union Trucker, the Teamster, is an American pioneer, an American symbol.

Is Mister Oil Man trying to get the class C driver pissed at the over the road class A driver? Maybe.

All Kids in cars love to do the hand / arm jerk down as the trucker passes by. There is a thrill at the massive honking horn. Its a traditional right of passage for every kid stuck in the back seat on long highway journeys to visit the grandparents or moving to a new unknown town. Truckers give kids a sense of power when they can get that horn to blow. I wanted a metallic blue Rig with lots of chrome when I was seven; I still secretly want my own Rig. Being a trucker is a hard long days job, but it can bring great incentives along the various stretches of our nation’s highways. Especially the friends made and the stories shared while sitting at the counter in a favorite truck stop.

A big deal back in the 70's and eighties was to go to brunch at the truck stop for the buffet style spread. Even if a person had never been on a road trip, that truck stop was a connection to those that were on the road everyday. Great stories!

I wanted to be a Trucker when I was a kid. Among many of my day dream careers. I love seeing the country by highway. I love watching semi-trucks roll passed on their way to drop or pick up another load. I really love seeing a convoy of semi's, like the charge I get when I pass groups of cyclists. There is nothing like the roar of a Harley and the blast of a semi's horn. It's so American!

If Mister Oil man manages to manage the Trucker, does that mean the I35 Super NAFTA Highway project gets stronger while the US Trucker gets weaker?

Cleared off the highway to make way for the trucks that are driving out of Mexico and Canada?

The road tests looked like it began last year. At least that’s when I noticed the different type of Riggs traveling I-35, over our bridge that collapsed going north towards Canada.

Where best to attack any forces strength Mister Oil Man? The trucking industry is a natural force to be reckoned with, they are the Teamsters and they are at risk from Mister Oil Man. Each trucker who has had to park their rig is one less trucker on the road. One more trucker removed from the strongest pack traveling the nation’s highways.

Today on television I noticed two Oil Exec.'s - one on CSPAN 2 testifying and the other on CNN being interviewed. It doesn't matter which company they represent they ARE Mister Oil Man. They have the power to cause rolling brown outs, black outs and to make people sit in the dark for weeks at a time. They have the power to shut off certain pumps at the gas station. They have the power to make us run around town like chickens without a head, just to scout out the cheapest price.

They have the power to make the consumer pay more at the convenience store, but believe they are saving a trip and therefore money. If it’s a trip to get gas and then get a few staples, why travel another two miles turn off the car, turn the car back on and maybe waste some gas? Buy the milk and bread that has a deceivingly long expiration date stamped on it or find out the date already passed when you wake up two days later to a breakfast of cereal and curdled milk, with a nice slice of moldy toast. YUM!

The NAFTA Superhighway By Christopher Hayes The Nation August 9, 2007 appeared in the August 27, 2007 edition of The Nation "Through towns large and small it will run, plowing under family farms, sub developments, acres of wilderness."

Now let’s add in the horrific flooding in the Midwest. The Red Cross is taking out loans because they are out of funds, the Farmer and Rancher has been devastated and citizens have lost everything. What the unusual rash of tornadoes didn't take, these historic floods are consuming the rest.

Austin Minnesota - Many Individuals Still Need Assistance With Flood Clean-up! Tuesday, June 17, 2008 "A Flood of Misery 2008" by awakening Monday, June 16, 2008 "PHOTO GALLERIES Des Moines, Iowa - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Flood 08 Iowa City, Iowa"

Does it matter that they are now trying to drill their way into our living rooms through the media to dupe us?!

When I started writing about my 250 mile round trip drive to Austin Minnesota and then home the other day, I was actually focused more on the possibility that the Oil companies are in cahoots with the manufacturing corporations (especially the ones that have production factories outside of the country) because of the I35 corridor project. I noticed the big Riggs on the road, but I am also aware that there are fewer truckers on the road because of the gas prices.

That is when I thought about how people like me - class C drivers - could we be caught between the US Trucking Industry's fight to hold its ground and big businesses tunnel vision for profits by way of the Mexico and Canada trucker. That led to me to feeling a little perturbed. What if slick Mister Oil Man is helping big business to squeeze the US trucker off the road and we - the little class C guy and gal - we are stuck in the middle.

Collateral damage on purpose? Are we the collateral that Mister Oil Man's Industry is counting on to get those drills into the nations coasts and Alaska? Are they counting on us to yell louder than our trucker brother and sister? Are they counting on our angry outcry to our public officials in order to stick the drill off shore of the west and east coast, while they sit on bulging barrels of capped off oil spigots.

Two ex-oil rig workers called in to CSPAN the other day to contribute that little piece of news. Not that I didn't suspect that already. It just leant a little more credence to this baffling gas price punch we are dealing with right now. I'm not surprised by the prices, look who’s controlling it. I am surprised that congress hasn't been squawking about the prices, more. They must be using the raise they gave themselves to offset the higher prices?

Obscene gas prices hurt consumers Congress should rein in oil firms with a windfall profits tax James P. Hoffa for DETNEWS Friday, June 13, 2008

There were so many people not ready (increasing debt indicates some would never be ready) for the higher prices and so many others teetering on whether they could even get to work at all. Poor urban and suburban planning, mass transportation shortages, in district fighting and who is in business bed with whom; this has certainly caused many workers to be even more unprepared financially. Health care costs being paid out of pocket - no more company fully funded health and dental. Taking care of family members that have health conditions, reached their retirement, lost their jobs or can't find a job or can't get to where the jobs are.

Around here, if you work on the east side of the cities and you live anywhere but there, you are spending more money for gas, sitting in construction traffic. Sorry but bicycle's don't work around here and buses cut off at 6pm in most suburbs.

Mystic Lake Casino is virtually the only large township business I am aware of that invests in reverse commuting for its employee's to work and back into the twin cities. KUDOS Mystic Lake!

If the Oil executives are coming out to do their PR dance for the people on cable shows like CNN, I doubt that the majority of the people will believe a word they say. So why is Mister Oil Man even trying?

Voice of the People Bush's oil policy isn't fooling anyone John Carpender at Chicago Tribune June 19, 2008

If their intent was to cause deprivation on the consumer with high gas prices, then what do they really want from us? If its profits they want, they can get that without visiting a CNN or a CSPAN. I am now thoroughly suspicious since seeing two of them show up on television today.

Iraq Oil Deals Raise Their Ugly Heads Again. A Major Surprise Emerges for Americans .Common Sense 06-19-08

You can bet your behind, Mister Oil Man is not the forward thinking humanitarian on behalf of the average US citizen...he wants something and he wants it bad.

Four Western oil companies are in the final stages of negotiations this month on contracts that will return them to Iraq by Turkana at Left Coaster June 19, 2008

GOP Fund Raising Dinner Today

Friendly Foe To Women? The John McCain Oxymoron...The ProActive Republican?!? Sunday, June 15, 2008

ALL Aboard...Planning A Party for the Weak Minded and Scared at Heart? Easier Than You Think! McCain snubs Bush’s fundraising dinner By Jackie Kucinich 06/05/08

"ATM's and electronic checks Help McCain to keep his distance from bush. But I know they are joined at the head --wrong thinking-- and attached at the hip --walk the same walk-- They are Not a friend to the average citizen."

ATA, 17 other groups urge immediate reforms to energy commodities market The Trucker 6/13/2008 The American Trucking Associations joined 18 transportation-related organizations June 11 in sending a letter to congressional leadership...."

The letter was signed by the following organizations:

Air Line Pilots Association, Airports Council International, Air Transport Association, American Association of Airport Executives, American Society of Travel Agents, American Trucking Associations, Associated Builders and Contractors, Business Travel Coalition, Cargo Airline Association, Consumer Energy Alliance, Consumer Federation of America, Industrial Energy Consumers of America, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Interactive Travel Services Association, National Air Carriers Association, National Farmers Union, New England Fuel Institute, Petroleum Marketers Association of America and the Regional Airline Association

Greg Palast said that Hillary uttered the words SPR...STRATIGIC PATROLIUM RESERVES FROM Randi UNLINKED ~ Hillary says "LET MY OIL GO" post Friday, April 04, 2008
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