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Monday, August 04, 2008

Marie Dressler Reminded Me Why We Do What We Do...


I watched Marie Dressler in Politics (1931) today and loved it! Loved the movie because she was in it, as I love all of her movies.

The movie Politics is particularly great because it deals with crooked politicians and the honest hard working citizen.

A hard working citizen woman, a mother and a wife. Her labor of love, Is her family and home.

Not until Marie's character shows up to a meeting to listen to the candidate, does that fire of democracy turn inferno. She lets the crooked politician have it! Right in the kisser, with her words of purpose.

Her words inspire the group of ladies so much, they nominate her to run for Mayor. A great preformance. Bravo! My new FAVORITE movie. All women and men should watch this movie. It gives a charge, it makes you smile and if you aren't careful, it makes you feel like you can do anything.

It lifted my spirits about the possibility of voting in more honest hard working women and men as elected officials, too. We may have women in business and government today, but we are still too few in powerful positions in the present time, to correct the damage that has been done to our social fabric and to our economic engine.

The mortgage foreclosure meltdown, the evictions, the credit catastrophe, the social program shredding and the temporary jobs trap, tell me again how far we've come? When we - Women - are deprived of basic needs, life just takes on a whole new meaning, Every time it happens.

'Basic' for a woman is different than for a man in several area's, especially when it is needed for daily living. Seniors living in their own home face the loss of Meals on Wheels, Adults losing Job Training programs, Children losing community programs, the Sick losing medicine.

With many losses everyone eats less food. With many losses everyone stops spending and eventually everyone can't spend. Just surviving.

And yet, Iraq goes on. What a crying shame our elected officials - all of them, haven't figured out that one Iraq Occupation plus one US Economy equals two devastating failures.

How can they not know? The NeoCons are the mess makers, the Democrats are their care takers and I guess we - the people are the day dreamers.

Marie Dressler ~ An ICON & An INSPIRATION.

The Dressler Story
To Dream, to Dare, to Persist, to Win
by Barbara Garrick
A Biography

First woman on the cover of Time
August 7th, 1933



McCain and Women

I WAS YOUR NEIGHBOR...Foreclosures Saturday, February 16, 2008

Homeless women flood into newly opened RI shelter from the South Coast Today August 04, 2008

"...the women's shelter at Crossroads has filled up nightly with all the beds taken and women sleeping next to each other on chairs and couches."

Economy keeps Crossroads shelter crowded By Daniel Barbarisi Journal Staff Writer Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Many are first-time homeless,....."

"...they rented apartments and suddenly found themselves evicted when their landlord went through a foreclosure."

".........what will happen when winter comes?"

"We would have never expected this. None of us can guess what it’ll be like three months from now."

Charities face more need, fewer resources By Jennifer D. Jordan Journal Staff Writer from Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amos House - "They were white, black, Hispanic. Young, old. Professionally dressed and disheveled."

"...........donations are down or stagnant while the need for services has jumped."

"........deep budget cuts to social-service programs that went into effect July 1 with the state’s new budget."

"...expects the demand to increase because of the state budget cuts to programs such as welfare, health care and childcare and the state’s high unemployment rate. "

Crossroads - The Women’s Center of Rhode Island, a much smaller nonprofit organization, has also experienced a drop in financing.

“We lost $43,000 in state funding for the coming year, and our [donors’] payroll deductions from the United Way are down 56 percent,”

"Overall donations are down 24 percent compared with this time last year."

"...looking for volunteers to staff a 24-hour-hotline and to help with childcare."

The Chronicle - "Reported that some savvy nonprofits have offset a decline in donations by starting businesses or tapping into new potential donors."

Welcome House of South County - More than half of the organization’s $305,000 annual budget comes from donors, but with a staff of three, Welcome House can spare little time to boost fundraising.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center - The center has seen a drop in monetary donations that help finance education programs.

The Rhode Island Food Bank - “So far, donations from individuals have not decreased, but what we have seen, and this is a national trend, is a decrease in food donations from the food industry.”

THE UNITED WAY of Rhode Island raised just under $16 million during this year’s annual fund drive, about $1 million less than last year." AND "Gathers and distributes donations and grants to more than 50 local social-service agencies and charities..."

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