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Saturday, April 12, 2008

WHY REPUBLICAN's Will LOSE in November 2008


Someone wants the Iraq occupation to continue. Someone wants fewer industry regulations and someone wants more of everything at any cost. Even at the peril of their own countrymen. They won't and don't want to let go.

~Truth Tellers ~ Senator Barack Obama & Congresswoman Jackie Speier Hit A Nerve With Thoughtful Prose~ by awakening Saturday, April 12, 2008 "A piercing siren is going off as to how the working classes have suffered, how the working class survives and how the the working classes cope with loss." AND "Oil CEO's who recently went to congress to ask for help, asking for help and getting it. The financial industry asked for help, they asked for help and received it." AND "The Iraq occupation is draining our nation from creating any economic normalcy, thereby preventing us from generating normal and healthy social patterns,"

Income Inequality Rises in Most States Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Causes of Rising Inequality and TOP TEN STATES FOR SELECTED INCOME INEQUALITY MEASURES April 9, 2008 "Similarly, families in the middle of the income distribution have fallen farther behind upper-income families in many states since the late 1990s:" AND " the late 1990s — the only period in the past two decades for which this was true — but this broad-based growth ended with the 2001 downturn."

TOO LITTLE - TOO LATE WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE HOUSING TAX PACKAGE IMPROVES SIGNIFICANTLY ON SENATE VERSION: But Addressing the Foreclosure Crisis Will Require Other Measures By Aviva Aron-Dine, Barbara Sard, and Will Fischer April 11, 2008

MinMon video: North side story -- a vacant-home tour by Molly Priesmeyer Minnesota Monitor Friday April 11, 2008 "in 2004 there were about 250 properties on the city's vacant and/or condemned properties list. Today, there are close to 900 vacant homes in Minneapolis."

Governor vetoed jobs and opportunity, labor leaders say By Steve Share, Labor Review editor Work Day Minnesota 8 April 2008"We're disappointed that he's vetoed projects like the Central Corridor, not just to get people back to work, but to help the Twin Cities develop as a major metropolitan area."

Also from Work Day Minnesota Private security officers make historic gains in new union contract April 10, 2008

Why we take a stand on anti-immigrant language By Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota editor November 20, 2007 "Delegates to the New Orleans convention discussed the way language is being used in the current debate about immigration and how labor media can play a role in both educating union members and building solidarity."

Change to Win There is No Place at the Table for Union-Busters Comment Posted by Jim Thurber April 11, 2008 "And by the way, let Hillary know that I sent my HARD EARNED DOLLARS to support her campaign only to see it wind up in the pockets of the despicable Mark Penn (10.5 million?). I would never have had the dollars to send if it wasn't for my lifetime membership in APWU's postal workers union. Mark Penn must go!


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