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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Elizabeth and John Edwards 'Share With Us'


Elizabeth Edwards on msnbc Morning Joe Video "Pre-Existing Problems with a President John McCain"

Elizabeth Edwards Talks about McCains really bad health care plan...msnbc Today Show Video

Pre-Existing Condition - current state of our nation will only get worse under John McCain. McCain guru linked to subprime crisis By LISA LERER Politico 3/28/08

A disturbing Fact -- If John McCain doesn't know anything about economics then how can he trust to know whether his advisors are honest enough to put forth a fair and practical health care package?

I gather from the way Senator McCain talks and Votes, the health care issue is something he thinks is a privilege not an entitlement. You lost your job, sink, You pay for bad or negligent medical care, sink. You racked up huge medical bills, sink. You can't afford health care, sink. You can't get treatment for health maintenance, sink. You can't get dental care, sink. You can't get Mental Health care, sink. You can't afford your medicine, sink. I will be looking for someone to hopefully prove me wrong.

John McCains Health Care Plan covers him right now. But what about the nations Sick and Senior Citizens? What about after the election? Elizabeth Edwards says his plan won't even cover him.

Pre-Existing Problem - not sure who the Real John McCain is ... "...and at one point he excitedly searches through his briefcase and pulls out a book" that he is reading on the famously tumultuous election of 1912." Wall Street Journal by STEPHEN MOORE Saturday, November 26, 2005 from 'Reform. Reform. Reform.' John McCain explains his eclectic--and troubling--economic philosophy.

NOW WHAT ABOUT MCCAIN'S TAX RETURNS? Posted: Friday, April 04, 2008 by Mark Murray msnbc First Read "As a self-professed champion of disclosure and ethics, John McCain should explain why for the past 26 years he has not seen fit to provide this important financial information to voters."

WHO IS Michael Connell? Bush IT Guru Now Works For “100 More Years Of War” John McCain Sunday, March 02, 2008

IS THERE REALLY ANYTHING WRONG WITH JOHN W. McCAIN? GLAD YOU ASKED-- THE MEDIA DOESN'T DownWithTyranny Sunday, April 06, 2008 "Yesterday MoveOn started a campaign to do what the media should be doing-- letting Americans know who McCain is besides just some politician they've hyped up into sainthood."

Elizabeth Edwards likes Hillary's Universal Health Care Plan ~ Universal Preventative Health Care - called Wholistic Economic Wellness

the other guys plan .. State of Our Nation - Citizens get Sicker - called Cruel and Unusual Economic Punishment!

the other guys plan .. State of Our Nation - Parents stay sick - called Foster Care Economics!

The 'Humanitarian' Boomer Generation Gets It. And Hillary is a Pro-Active Boomer!

From cradle Rocking to Rocking Chair .... The Hillary Generation Gets It!!!

Senator Clintons Health Care Plan Universally covers everyone!

Hillary Clinton calls for poverty czar This is a group blog by McClatchy journalists covering the presidential election campaign. April 04, 2008

On the 40th anniversary of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's assasination, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton called for the appointment of a cabinet-level poverty {{{czar}}} <<<... Secretary, Administrator, Director or Vice Secretary of OR Vice Director of...anything other than a dang czar>>> who could be asked by the president "every single day 'What have you done to end poverty in America? No more excuses. No more whining, but instead, a concerted effort" (why must they use the word czar at all?!?!)

Clinton Calls for ‘Poverty Czar’ By Katharine Q. Seelye The Caucus New York Times April 4, 2008 "Later in the day, in response to a request for comment from The New York Times, Mr. Edwards said he was pleased with Mrs. Clinton’s announcement."


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