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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Reuters U.S. lawmakers willing rescuers in mortgage crisis By Richard Cowan and Additional reporting by Patrick Rucker Sunday March 30, 2008 "Florida, Ohio, Michigan and California have some of the highest concentrations of home foreclosures." AND "Given Congress' intense interest in doing something this election year, "A compromise bill could certainly be signed," said one aide..."
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Minnesota and the mortgage crisis: We've only just begun - Minnesota Monitor "But the fact that we are getting calls from people in Lakeville and Chaska and Rogers -- those aren't areas you think of as hotbeds of foreclosure."

I WAS YOUR NEIGHBOR...Foreclosures - A CHRISTMAS STORY.... "HOME SWEET HOME Hi, I was your neighbor next door, the one that had three bird feeders. My name is Doris and this is my Mother. My husband was named Ronald, he passed away before we were evicted. Where do we go now?"

Chicago Sun-Times I WAS YOUR NEIGHBOR...Foreclosures Saturday, February 16, 2008
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