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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Soccersuenos Generation ~ Got the Troubles Man and the Audacity of Hope ~

"Barack Hussein Obama has dared to 'acknowledge' all of US and ours, has plucked every citizens heart string and has tampered with every shelved memory..."the infancy and purity of a great leader, the audacity to speak the truth." by awakening

Audacity To Hope Jeremiah Wright Part 1 From: jakeb1125

Audacity To Hope Jeremiah Wright Part 2 From: jakeb1125

Obama Offers a Progressive Vision of Patriotism By Drew Westen, Huffington Post / AlterNet Posted March 21, 2008 Comments

Obama's brilliant discussion of race, class and patriotism shows substance unlike any politician in recent history.

They knew they had witnessed something extraordinary....

....the speech drew immediate, nearly universal acclaim, and I suspect that its lasting impact will mirror its initial impact.

The Soccersuenos Generation ~ Got the Troubles Man and the Audacity to Hope
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Got the Troubles Man From: Soccersuenos

The Audacity of Hope From: Soccersuenos Added: February 01, 2008

Barack Obama Music Video - The Audacity of Hope From: MoeMontana1

Audacity of Hope From: Relevantbeats

Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope (Remix) From: medave99 "He is a man if integrity and compassion."

Barack Obama Rally Los Angeles "The Audacity of Hope" From: calijbrown

Audacity To Hope Jeremiah Wright Part 1 Comments...

TeleShaman Nice to hear what the other 99.8% of this mans sermons are like. I also just listened to the ENTIRE Jeremiah Wright's Hillary Remark with more context (Part 1&2) also posted by jakeb and agreed with everything he said there. The other sound bites of him G-D'ing America.. isn't in context on the news either. God should damn a Christian nation for not acting with love towards each other, etc. We say we are Christians, yet we don't act it. Lest we worry about the speck in our neighbors eye...

Derrickjhn32 The problems of the world are based on a Pastor. It couldn't be the last 7 years George Bush has lied to you about this war. It can't be that Government has only looked out for themselves and the rich. Open your eyes use the internet to look up information, to get the truth. The govt doesn't control the internet,use your sources, open your mind Barack is the only person that can bring unity, he is the only one who talks it. Open your ears and close your eyes and listen.

Audacity To Hope Jeremiah Wright Part 2 Comments

FreakOfNurture I'm all white. I'm not Christian. I thought the sermon was beautiful.
I heard his "hateful" sermons. While some of the comments I found to be made in ignorance, I couldn't find any made out of racism.

anvalles This is one of the most beautiful sermons I have ever heard...there is not one racist word in it. It is full of love and hope and forgiveness. I am rarely inspired, but I am inspired now. Anyone who says anything negative about this sermon has obviously never heard it. It is beautiful.


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