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Sunday, April 06, 2008

My fantasy Headline: A vigilant village of imPEACHment hunters throw all Mock Apple Pie's in the Dutch Oven of International Justice!

On The Chris Matthews Show this morning, the Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan said that recent release of the Yoo torture memo means “that Donald Rumsfeld, David Addington, and John Yoo should not leave the United States anytime soon. They will be at some point indicted for war crimes,” he said. By Faiz Think Progress April 6, 2008 43 Responses

Randi UNLINKED ~ Hillary says "LET MY OIL GO" by awakening Friday, April 04, 2008 STRATEGIC PETROLEUM RESERVES ... more SPR Snippets and the You Tube video of Hillary talking about the Oil Reserve...

Energy Department boosts emergency oil reserve
KGAN, IA - 1 hour ago 4/5/08 ...WASHINGTON (AP) "The Energy Department says it's going to keep putting oil in the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve, even with the price of crude above ... "

Oil companies targeted in Obama's Pennsylvania ad campaign
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, AK - Apr 3, 2008 "... challenging the dominance of large oil companies and perhaps using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to ease supply concerns and lower prices ... "

State of US economy is weaker than expected
Commodity Online, India - Apr 2, 2008 "... 300000 barrels of crude oil were also added to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Gasoline supplies were down 4.5 million barrels while heating oil supplies ...

A Memorandum of misinformation The Kansas City Star Posted on Sat, Apr. 05, 2008 Opinion by R. C. Lokeman The Kansas City Star.

"In case you doubt that we are subjects of an imperial presidency, a recently released Justice Department memo has confirmed it.

This administration has found no shortage of little men and women in high places willing to betray their country and what it stands for just to score political capital and a tenuous place in history.

Some of them have left paper trails, should anyone besides Leahy and Levin dare to compel this lawless administration to expose them."

Most incompetent White House said one GOP senator Thursday, April 26, 2007 The Multitaskenator said...

"Shame is an emotional response to recognizing one's own personal shortcomings. By that definition, Republicans are incapable of feeling shame.

Seriously, why do you think the Republican party attracts so many weak, cowardly, and amoral people? Same reason people flock to new-age cults, the belief they can escape all their problems by constructing their own reality out of simple willpower.

Of course, in order for this fantasy to work, they always need to surround themselves with like-minded people, and contentiously reject anything or anyone who might threaten this fabricated fantasy world."

Being a Security Guard is an honorable occupation. So what is Patrick McHenry's reason for talking down to the contracted Security Guard? McHenry can spin it any way he wants, but the truth is that most would have understood the security protocol. Right? McHenry didn't seem to understand this. A soldier would have let him enter? Hmmm...his first time visiting? Michele Bachmann didn't clue him in?

McHenry Endangers Troops, Then Blames Them from Pat Go Bye-Bye Wednesday, April 9, 2008
"Now, according to the Charlotte Observer, he's blaming the Pentagon for not briefing him. But the Pentagon is contradicting him."

Guard, Soldier, or Iraqi: An examination into Patrick McHenry's "little messup" Submitted by Thoreau BlueNC Saturday 04/05/2008 WHAT?
"Since when do we give Congressmen the right to call foreign assistance "two bits" and demean their help? On one hand, the US Government wants us to believe that we are attempting to allow Iraqi forces to control themselves, but then they think we should allow them to call them "two bit"s and demean them on our shores? I don't think so: It doesn't work that way."

Two-Bit Security Guard Michael van der Galien Poli Gazette April 6, 2008 "Only problem: he wasn’t a US soldier. But a foreign contractor. Still a ridiculous think to say of course, but… one would expect journalists to do some better research."

McHenry’s “Two Bit Security Guard” Comment NOT Directed Towards American Soldier Carolina Politics Online Posted April 3rd, 2008
" not allowing him to enter the gym without “proper credentials,” according to McHenry’s own telling of the story to an audience of some 160 Republicans." AND "Besides his obvious contempt for a guard’s assigned duties, his belief that being a congressman makes him immune to the rules and his exaggerated claim of exposure to hostile fire, what really bothers me is the Iraq trip itself,” Sigmon added."

Snippets from Google News...
Lawmaker apologizes for comment on Iraq guard, VA - Apr 4, 2008 "Patrick McHenry, RN.C., used that term when talking about a visit to Iraq where he was denied access to a gymnasium. “It was a poor choice of words to ... "

McHenry: Surge is working
Hickory Daily Record, NC - Mar 24, 2008 BY JENNIFER MENSTER BAGHDAD, Iraq "Congressman Patrick McHenry ate lunch with North Carolina soldiers stationed in Iraq on Saturday ... "

Families welcome well-drilling soldiers home
Statesville Record & Landmark, USA - Apr 5, 2008 "Patrick McHenry (R-10th), who attended the ceremony. McHenry promised the returning soldiers that Congress would complete an update of the GI Bill, ... "

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