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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Most incompetent White House said one GOP senator


Wednesday, April 25, 2007 Cliff Schecter
"...somebody named Cliff Schecter, an expert. Never heard of him."-Rush Limbaugh

Cliff Schecter "Saw this quote in David Ignatius' column this morning"

Real Treason


The Multitaskenator said...

Shame is an emotional response to recognizing one's own personal shortcomings. By that definition, Republicans are incapable of feeling shame.

Seriously, why do you think the Republican party attracts so many weak, cowardly, and amoral people? Same reason people flock to new-age cults, the belief they can escape all their problems by constructing their own reality out of simple willpower. Of course, in order for this fantasy to work, they always need to surround themselves with like-minded people, and contentiously reject anything or anyone who might threaten this fabricated fantasy world.

spinn said...

Yeah, what the hell is with McCain? You figure if you opened up the back of his suitjacket, you'd see a 50s-scifiesque control panel with lights and vacuum tubes connected directly to his spinal cord? I swear, sometimes the way he's on a talk show and blinking 3 times a second, you'd think it was because Rove's remote control console was shorting

old hack said...

check out my blog on the absolute truth behind both parties' positions on the occupation in Iraq. Tell me if you think it's accurate

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