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Sunday, April 08, 2007

craigslist ~ Needs a good home-- Shepard Husky Boy ~

Posted on under Pets April 06, 2007 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Needs a good home--Shepard Husky The message reads......."Due to circumstances I need to find my baby a new home."

People have to give up their pets for many reasons. Letting go of a pet that you have bonded with is like losing a piece of your being, your soul, your heart. But putting faith in the "knowing" that your beloved pet will have the life you wished for them, is the most selfless act an owner can do. My heart breaks for anyone faced with this excruciating decision. The picture of this boy caught my attention and I felt compelled to post the ad.

I had never heard of the site -- Craigs List -- before the day someone had mentioned something about it being filled with resource information. It wasn't a fluke that I landed on the site, it was a fluke that I landed in the pets section and was destined to find my new girl. The girl in the ad had been with her lady since weaning and the love between them was evident at first meeting. There was no picture in the ad, just a message from someone who was looking to find her baby a good home. A necessary move the lady and her family had to make, a move that could not include this sweet sweet girl. After several visits the day came to take her to our home. The neighbors came to say 'good-bye' and helped to console the lady as we drove away. It was both sad and hopeful, tears streamed down my face as my husband drove down the street. Our boy was happily sitting beside his new partner in life as she intently watched out the car window. Helping our new family member to adjust was everything to us. We took vacation days and hours and then staggered our work schedules so we were away from home shorter time frames. It seemed to alleviate stress for our girl and still give our boy that sense of still being the 'senior' in his home. We would talk to the lady through the speaker phone, so she could talk to her girl and her girl would bark -- talk back. We did this a several times in two week period. The moment when our girl was more interested in her new boy than the sound of her lady's voice was when we stopped the speaker calls. Although we talked with the lady a few more times, than back and forth voicemail messages, it was the sign that the lady was letting go of her girl. My husband and I agreed from the start, that if the lady found a way to keep her girl after we adopted her, in a months time of the families move, we would give her back. I knew that I would have a hard time doing this if it happened. But if it happened I would know that it was meant to be. Our boy and girl are our babies, our world really does evolve around them. I can't think of any better life, a life filled with our furry babies. I hope that the boy in the ad finds the same kind of loving home that our babies have.
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