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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ice Cream ~ Ice Cream For True Majority Action, is running a "Let Alberto Gonzales Treat You to Ice Cream" contest. The reason for the contest are.....

.....the Geneva Convention
.....the Constitution
.....public servants
.....etc, etc, etc

Alberto Gonzales may have to resign or be fired as Attorney General. Is a years worth of ice cream gonna help you to get over what Gonzales undid and did to this country's legitimate historical structure and patriotic principled process? Even if you don't like ice cream, play anyway. You could donate the ice cream, if you win, to your most cherished organizations, events or hold a 'Taking Back My Country' block party and invite anyone and everyone to partake. You could even help quench the parched buds of all those antiwar marchers that will fill your local streets, over passes and highways, in the upcoming months. Or for shame, you could just be selfish and keep it all for yourself.
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