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Sunday, March 18, 2007

An Important Message In Annie's Letters

Annie's Blog caught my attention the other day. I was doing a blog search on Site Meter and tripped over the post titled "Bloggers & free thinkers & nobodies BEWARE!" As her words pulled me in, so did the photographs of the people from Palestine. I wondered too, why she was targeted by the 'big boys' on the corporate block. I had recently caught wind of a story about an AIPAC event, applauding Boehner(R) and booing Pelosi(D). I don't know if this was true, so when I have a moment I will have to check to see if true or not. With that little tid bit about AIPAC and now this blogger Annie being chastised, there just may be something about AIPAC or those seemingly concerned sources that goes beyond a simple copyright infringement.

Freedom of speech and the rest the things that average Americans value, is what makes this story interesting. I repeat, average Americans. Average Americans still rely on old American traditions, customs and old American ideals. Of all the old American things to pull out of ones hat 'Freedom of Speech' is by far still the most popular phrase that an average American can shout out in the face of another's attempt to silence them. Since a blog is not the press...freedom of the press, then wouldn't a blogger have freedom of written speech? And don't many bloggers repeat and reprint newspaper stories and other writings on their blog, all of the time? It is more like a daily dairy of opinion and clippings of current events, a historical reference of sorts, isn't it?

I do understand why copyrights, trademarks and patents are legally protected, but I do not understand the need for any one entity to deny the sharing of an article or story that is news, through blogs. as long as it is identified as such and not plagiarized. Plain old news. Isn't a book review part of news too? Sharing the written word? So, I am left with an intriguing curiosity about what the AIPAC is really made up of. And so much so, that I will just have to go on a journey to learn more about what this group is all about. What ever my impression will be when I am done reading, I will not forget that it seems to have taken a lot of sources just to tell one blogger (one that I know of) to cease and desist. That is enough to peak my interest.

Oh yes, I should add too, I now try to find a cache for my links instead of an original article, if I can. Especially for the links that I know will often times disappear into newspaper archives, never to be accessed again without a fee. It is just a matter of remembering to do a check for a cache on a search engine, takes more time to do.

I want to 'Thank' Annie for having the courage to write about her recent experience. She has opened a door for me, to read, learn and understand better what her blog message is trying to do. I value learning through the voice of experience of others and believe that Annie's message is important.

Annie's letters
Saturday, March 17, 2007 ~ From Annie's letters Blog......Bloggers & free thinkers & nobodies BEWARE! "Who contacted the New York Times Review of Books to complain- to goad a huge corporate entity to pick on little ole me, the lowly letter writer and blogger...

Sunday, March 18, 2007 Annie's letters
from my email....Dear friends, Yesterday we lost Tanya Reinhart. She died in New York, a sudden death.

Tanya Reinhart
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Iron Wall By Avi Shlaim Avi Shlaim, an Israeli Jewish historian, traced Israel's conduct and polices towards its Arab neighbors since the inception of Zionism in the late 19th century until the end of the 20th century.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 From the War Is Hell! Blog ~ STOP THE VOTE! by Lila Garrett at

Sunday March 18, 2007 C-SPAN, Washington Journal Situation in Palestine Afif Safieh , Palestinian Authority

Jimmy Carter Library and Museum

Jimmy Carter - Biography of the 39th President of the United States Founder, The Carter Center President of the United States of America 1977-1981

Monday, December 4th, 2006 By: Jane Hamsher
Big News On Jimmy Carter…Or Not

The Carter Center The Carter Center is committed to advancing human rights and alleviating unnecessary human suffering. Join us in creating a world in which every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to enjoy good health and live in peace.
A nonprofit public policy center founded by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter to fight disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression around the world.

Amazon ~ Author Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid
Also Available in:Hardcover, Audio CD, Audio Download

September 19, 2006 The American Empire Project Commentary From Noam Chomsky
The editors of this blog asked Noam Chomsky to comment on Thomas Friedman's "Land for NATO" editorial in the September 13th edition of the New York Times. The following is Mr. Chomsky's response.

Saturday, August 05, 2006 The Unknown Candidate IRAQI PERSPECTIVE
Sunni, Shia and US ME politics By Laith Saud Aljazeera.Net

"Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya has perhaps put it all in perspective by commenting on the issue of a "new" Middle East. He observes that what the Americans mean by "change" in the Middle East is an end to legitimate resistance against illegal and immoral occupation and Muslim subordination to American and Israeli domination.

His observations seem well justified since the NYT has recently reported that the US is rushing arms to Israel. We must remember, these missiles are meant to bomb Lebanon, a nation with a democratically elected government (of which members of Hezbollah are represented). So much for the theory that democracies do not go to war with one another."

Sunday, March 18th, 2007 Firedoglake By: Jane Hamsher
FDL Book Salon: Wanted — Book Editor So we're doing something we've never done here before — we're soliciting a book editor, someone who has enthusiasm for promoting progressive books in a way that the right has done for decades but the left has been sorely lacking in.
UPDATE: Pach adds:
What we need really is someone to:
1) select books and book authors for chat, getting them oriented to how to do chat, and
2) select and schedule reviewers for the book chats. Sometimes authors have suggested reviewers, and we often have contacts to give you to make your job easier when you're looking for good reviewers. We just need someone to take this over on a weekly basis, though we can help with suggestions.
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