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Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm Still Hoping For Clinton And Obama


Monday, February 5, 2007 Washington Post Staff Writer Anne E. Kornblut Obama Confronts 'Outsider' Dilemma How to Win Without Losing His Identity

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 When The White House Was The Symbol of A Democratic Republic

There is no mistaking that I lean towards Senator Clinton for President. I have waited a long time for her to run for the highest office in the land. I cannot think of anyone better to be her running mate, then Barack Obama. Depending upon who she chooses in the end, that may unfortunately sway me away from her.

The current presidents Vice President seems to be running the whole show behind the scenes and look where we are now. My interest was peaked by Barack Obama when he spoke to a crowd in Iowa. I was hoping that both Clinton and Obama would run on the same ticket. Senator Obama as Vice President and Senator Clinton as President. I would trust a Clinton and Obama to run this country.

The combination of their personal attributes and life / work experience, partnered with former President Clinton and other necessary people in the background, would have full force of ability to cast all eyes, all hands and a collective critical thought out over the damage that the current administration and their shadows have caused.

Repair and restoration for the future of this country and the world, is what I hope for. Whom ever steps into the White House, will be stepping in at a time when constitutional crisis will be a realty. We will need an extraordinarily strong and diverse Presidential Administration by that time. Maybe Hillary and Obama will team up.....that would be amazing. I can hope.

Right now, I will be watching the new Democratic party majority in how they do the peoples business, watching them like a hawk.

Monday September 18, 2007 - Barack Obama Visits Tom Harkins Iowa Steak Fry

I watched the 'Steak Fry' get together that Tom Harkins heads up yearly, who is a true blue down home guy. I tuned in to CSpan just to see what political climate Iowa was having. Even though we're neighboring states, my sister took delight several years in a row, in reporting how much snow she was getting compared to me. Me, who loves the snow and cold! She who hates the cold and snow!

Tom Harkin spoke words of logic and shared a message of unity (as he has always done)standing in front of a barn draped with the American flag. When he introduced Barack Obama as the invited 'Rock Star' for this years event at the fairgrounds, I became interested in hearing what he - Barack Obama had to say.

I had not jumped on the Barack bandwagon, nor had any interest in doing so. He was just a Democratic politician like others that I had heard snippets about...All good. But he belongs to Illinois and my attention span has been limited to those with sound track records that I have either known of for years (few) or new comers - especially new incoming - in Minnesota - especially the 6th district of Anoka County.

Anyway, I listened to Barack Obama speak and I watched as people attempted to get a handshake or a photograph. He seemed genuinely connected to the audience gatherers. The audience seemed to sincerely connect with Senator Obama. His words were plain, his stories real and his message hugs the world of common folk, like me.

Most of all, it was Barack Obama's personality that helped me to reflect on the words, the stories and his experience. All types of people were greeted in the crowd, not just politely, but nicely.

The one sentence that stayed with me out of a very heartfelt speech "Give companies who want to invest in America incentives, instead of giving tax breaks to companies who want to move jobs to other countries." If he is including outsourcing, than I think we may have a winner for 2008.

September 18, 2006 - Chicago Tribune By Tim Jones, National correspondent
A Contender

September 17, 2006 - The New York Times By Anne E. Kornblut
Indianola, Iowa, '08'Choice Is Clear
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