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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dump Michele Bachmann On The Right Karmic Path


Saturday, February 03, 2007 Old Nooz: Michele Bachmann Makes the New York Times

If only Michele Bachmann could get back on her true karmic path. When we wonder off our paths, does this possibly shed light on why we behave the way we do and say the things we say?
There was a time when it looked like Michele was on the right path when she worked for the Carter campaign. President Carter's karmic path is The Way of Confidence. President Carter has achieved much in his life that is meaningful to so many. A true humanitarian.

Michele seemed to begin her more rigid journey when President Carter wisely refused to influence and impose his personal religious beliefs upon the country.

She then walked a path to work on the Republican campaign to elect Ronald Reagan - The Way of Grace.

Wikepedia - Christian documentary Francis Schaeffer's 1976 How Should We Then Live?.

If Michele Bachmann had stayed true to herself and learned from her younger experiences, she would have been a different person today. Her work could have been one of selflessness and her arms might have been open to all. Instead, she has selfishly fed peoples ignorance through fear, anger and hate.

From The Secret Language of Destiny By Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers 1999

Patty Wetterling was born November 2, 1949 The Way of Individuation

Michele Bachmann was born on April 6, 1956 and her Karmic Path is The Way of Responsibility.

The core lesson for this person is knowing that fighting limitations can itself be a form of limitations. Her goal is to develop self-control and discipline through the acceptance of responsibility.

Volatile, Tyrannical, Impulsive

Honorable, Expansive, fair and the fear of domination

Contact with nature is essential for this karmic path. Nature calms their often volatile emotions. The silence and simplicity of nature is where greater truths can be found, that will be their polestars. The insights gained when exposed to the natural world help them to develop the perspective to realize that much of what they struggle with is not really all that important.

Karmic Path

The Way of Responsibility

Evita Peron was an advocate for the working class and felt deep responsibility for the disadvantage of her land.

Jane Fonda shed much of her revolutionary angst and has built a stronger sense of inner authority.
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