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Friday, January 26, 2007

Encounter - Expanded Version


"The American people must not buy into the Democrat rhetoric." Virginia Foxx
Minimum Wage Increase....116 Republicans voted no. One of those leading the way was North Carolina’s own Virginia Foxx.

"I wasn't surprised as to when Michele Bachmann would become publicly raptured, I was surprised that it was at the State Of The Union Address."

Dump Michele Bachmann Out of the 6th District

Updated and Expanded.....
I had my first close encounter with a few Neo-Cults when I was officed with them in 2005 and 2006 for a total of one year. This small group was connected to the same barrel of beliefs as Bachmann. The severe loyalty to their version of religious beliefs is first, above all else, and has the markings of a mini puritan witch hunt revival.

When this chosen one enters the public arena as a public official or a public front line staff person, the public as a whole, will suffer neglect of their real needs.

At the time, I didn't know what a Michele Bachmann was, I didn't know what a Neo-Cult was and I wasn't clear on what the word 'Raptured' had to do with the first two. I couldn't put my finger on the odd unexplained vibe I was getting in that office, nor could I figure out why subtle biased comments were made on the sly. Even their professed "christian" mantra revealed extreme judgment and power thrust upon those -- diverse unfortunate customers -- that sought out services from them.

There was a consistent disconnect between how they would say something out loud, opposite of what was shown through actions as the true nature of the Neo-Cult. Was it a suppressed prejudice? Or was it an altered kind of bigotry and bits of backhanded discrimination? What about plain old power and control of a vulnerable client? Some comments were so extremely one sided that I would have to excuse myself from where ever the Neo-Cult would be preaching their agenda, their belief.

I have been lucky enough in my career to have scheduled my meetings at different types of places, including Temples and Churches. No Mosque meetings as of yet but I look forward to when the occasion arises. One of my esteemed colleagues who is now retired, was an ex-minister. Because his teachings were of the traditional faith, he was in the beginning a bit rigid and critical of a few important mainstream realities that we face as front line staff.

As proactive advocates for 'all' who came to us for help, he learned to see past the strict teachings of his religion to a more worldly view of each individuals distinct need. One of those strict views got him into hot water more than once. Especially his view on women and women issues.

We -- women -- would diplomatically knock him off his pedestal, in a way that he never felt silenced. We of course were greatly offended by sexist attitudes as well as any of the other 'Isms' and sometimes you could see the red creeping up the face of someone in a staff meeting.

Our role is about finding solutions for others and we are very successful at dialogue to find common ground among differences, to learn and teach sensitivity and to respect ones individual choice and lifestyle. We are very successful in creating paths of opportunity from endless open communication, because we are allowed the freedom to pursue answers that equate to equality.

I was always encouraged to visit many types of churches and learn about other religions as child by my mother. Had a southern Baptist baby-sitter at one time and took in the feeling of history while standing awe struck inside Notre Dam de Paris. Back in the 1980s I was a summer bible school teacher for a local church, without having to ever convert.

The symbolic meaning in each religion are intriguing and worth learning about. The philosophy behind each traditional teaching express the same message in many languages and cultures. It dumbfounds me to this day when people take any religious text and turn it around to the complete opposite, by exaggerating vague scripture, adding new meaning and then altogether missing the basic message.

My impression of what religion is and what religion means is so eclectic, that I preference myself as more of a spiritual believer, no longer a religious follower.
I could never call myself a christian, it would be too confining, too conforming, too simple, especially after having the experiences I have had.

As time went on while working out of this unexplainable office environment, I found out what "It" was. The thing I could not put my finger on, though 'It' had one common thread running through It. A huge red flag went up one day when I was asked if I had 'received the miracle' after one of the people in the small group remarked softly how much they wanted to make their client kneel and pray to god, in their publicly funded cubicle. Then innocently asked in the same breath, "But I couldn't do that here, could I?" My short reply is what prompted the miracle question.

My answer to that persons question compelled me to lean forward and with a genuine sincerity I told the person I had been witness to many miracles in life. Which is what I do truly believe. While purposefully not sharing my deep personal beliefs with this person, it would have been a waste of my breath, I don't believe I personally can be given a miracle. Then again the Neo-Cults would say I wasn't worthy of their miracle either.

I really had to put up my guard up after that episode. This is a subject that is only appropriate with close friends and family, coworkers who are long time friends still need proper recognition as a coworker in an office setting. When out of the office setting at lunch for instance, that coworker is still connected to a major part of ones daily work week. So a very good rule of thumb is to tread lightly with personal beliefs, always.

Besides I was not hired to do my job because of my beliefs, it just so happened that my overall beliefs fit the agency mission statement that I was hired by.

With perfect timing Janine Garofalo and Sam Cedar were on am 950 Air America radio. I reached to change the station because they were too left for me. I caught Janine using the word "Raptured," and I stayed tuned to learn what this word "Raptured" meant to those of us who were on the outside of the rapture bubble.

I hadn't found the word for what essentially was a small group of people bent on forcing their will on others by using distorted interpretations of religion as a professional tool, without conscience, without principle, without common sense and without practical professional decorum. Thanks to Janine Garofalo I now had the answer I had been looking for. The best fitting word for not only this small group of misdirected public professionals, it also explained some of the borderline and out right bizaar behavior of public officials across this nation.

Even the Mayor of New Orleans had a few episodes that went public, but I could forgive him for his altered behavior. He had had a severe trauma, faced death, saw deaths of many and he lived to talk about the horrific tragedy. Mayor Nagin, I don't believe was ever a Neo-Cult.

Neo-Cults do come together from a variety of backgrounds. Could that be the reason for the Neo-Cult movement? Did they face some traumatic life altering experience? Were they broken and in need of repair? Or were they fearful of the world in general. When they arrived on the steps of any Neo-Cult haven, was it more comforting to be told what to do, what to think and what to expect? Was that the kind of repair they were seeking?

Neo-Cult public officials aren't really Republicans in the conservative sense. The Neo-Cons and Neo-Cults drowned out the true Republican conservative in the 109th Congress while all the Democratic public officials were restricted to the sidelines.

Look at the 109th Congress for example. The out of control spending, the pork, the earmarks, the self serving raises, working a few days a week, the lobbying -- and more lobbying. Not an ounce of conservatism the entire time. Neo-Cult seem to have very defined roles for gender, for class and for income brackets. Not so different from other cultish factions.

A Neo-Con is not the same as a Neo-Cult...religiously speaking. Have you ever heard of a Neo-Con equate "I'm Hot for god" (Bachmann) as part of their faithbased cash and contract initiative? It is very acceptable however, for a true Neo-Con to sit in the cover of their corporate office surrounded by attorneys while playing god and then attend church full of piety.

My experience of working in that office surely was a fascinating front row study on what a Neo-Cult (best word fit to date) really is. By the by, the miracle I received was a move to another office. I love the 'open and diverse' discussions about everything under the sun. Yes, even small talk about embracing different spiritual and religious beliefs. The office I am in now feels amazingly complete, every staff person represents every lifestyle and their respectful reflection matches the world that we serve.

I did take something with me from the experience I had with the Neo-Cults among other "Awakening" experiences, A renewed hard-line belief in the.....Separation of church and state. There is no reason and no room for blurry gray areas as long as we are a democratic republic.

When the president likes someone -- a woman or man, he seems to show his {affection} by kissing first, see the articles below. So, maybe he really isn't that fond of Bachmann after all. This was not her first meeting with this president, they've met here in Minnesota, long enough to have a snack while chatting. why the girl gone crazy frenzy?

Simple.....the Neo-Cult Rapture is just too strong for them to control on a continual daily bases. When it oozes out, it oozes out all over the innocent bystander.

I have a touchy huggy type personality, but I know what is proper, when it is appropriate and where I can just be myself......Thank you Mom and Mentors!/em>

Good and Bad Publicity is all about the timing......are these really accidents or well timed distractions for a public starving for governmental logic, rational and justice? I'll have to research the backdrop for each of these photo ops to see if there is anything going on behind the scene that mainstream media missed reporting to the public. Which still happens too frequently in the U.S.

July 18, 2006 Huffington Post - Bush Gropes Germany's Merkel

Monday, February 14, 2005 Washington Post By Al Kamen A Newly Meaningful Relationship? the president even kissed Lieberman first.

Friday, November 19, 2004 Washington Post Staff Writer By Robin Givhan President Bush's Kissing Cabinet

Wonkette PresentsBachmann Turner Overdrive

DMB's Lloyd Letta and the gang have been saying it all along.

Go see what they have to say! All the stuff we've been thinking about Bachmann..........

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      From the Huffington Post ~ And now for some SOTU numbers:
      Mentions of "Iraq" or "Iraqi": 34
      Mentions of "al Qaeda": 11
      Mentions of September 11th: 3
      Mentions of "victory": 2
      Mentions of "Katrina" or "New Orleans": 0
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