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Friday, January 19, 2007

Truth Sayer Randi Rhodes ~ U.S. AG Gonzales Continues to Covet and Spoil

Randi Rhodes "Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has once again gone to war with the Judicial Branch of our government. Gonzales has also begun a Patriot Act aided purge of US Attorneys; most notably replacing the guy working on corruption cases with a RNC political hack. Also, in a desperate move to save their #&@*$ now that the adults are back in charge of Congress, Bush and Gonzales announce that illegal NSA wiretapping to go under FISA Court supervision. But what about all the other ways Bush is circumventing the courts?"

Judicial Watch 12/21/2007 Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2006 List Also Includes 6 "Dishonorable Mentions"
Wednesday January 17th, 2007 Crooks and Liars By: Nicole Belle White House Goes After Prosecutors

January 16, 2007, 1:50 PM TPM Muckracker By Justin Rood What's the White House Doing to Prosecutors?

Carry A Big Sticker

Judicial Watch

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