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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tools for Congress ~ Compass, Calculator & Critical Thinking Cap


For the People....

Stop the U.S. Occupation of Iraq!......

Start Giving Hurricane Katrina Survivors Sincere Attention "Once & For All - Cut The Red Tape!"............... the first 100 hours of the new 110th


The vehicle for the voice of the people Is the new 110th. There is no other source with any credible standing that can be taken seriously at this time. The new 110th must walk the walk and talk the talk.

For my Daughter and my Participants - Stem Cell Research

**Separation of church and state at all times**

Think donated umbilical cords after a birth of a baby and discarded embryo's from fertility clinics or amniotic-fluid stem cells, when you think of Stem Cell Research.

It took 5 Years to diagnose my daughter with multiple sclerosis - MS, finally in early 2004. She went through years of hell starting a year after graduating high school at age 17. She ultimately suffered a multiple list of pre-related health problems, pain and mental anguish, misdiagnosed over and over and she was refused a MRI the last two years before her diagnosis.
Until one day after going completely blind in one eye. My advocacy did not help her to get the tests she needed by a physician. A very smart opthamologist saw the signs hiding behind her blind eye and immediately referred her to a Neurologist. She is 25 years old now, always trying not worry about the next MS attack on her eyes and body.
Her future without Stem Cell treatments, could be total blindness and increased levels of pain, along with other odd elevated symptoms she endures. The Copaxone (the most effective medicine for her at this time) can only put the 'breaks' on for so long...between each attack.
I was jolted into realty one day, about her possible fate when she uttered the words..."Mom, face it, I have to, someday I'm probably going to be blind and in a wheel chair." She is preparing to accept this as her fate, I secretly refuse to accept this right now and I actively talk with her about science and politics.
We love to talk about politics, humanity, nature, the universe, social issues and we both believe that it takes an open mind and uncluttered thinking to consider the possibilities that science has answers for the future of many.
That it takes a true humanitarian -- man or woman -- of science to give of themselves to help people of this world.
My Daughter, a strong and wise old soul. I've learned much from her in her young life here on earth

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

For my Daughter, Sister, Brother, Husband and Participants - Lower cost of prescription med's

***Take the Corporate Greed Out Of Pharmaceutical Companies & Get Rid Of HMO's ***

Friday 12, 2007 Washington Post Drug Bill Demonstrates Lobby's Pull Democrats Feared Industry Would Stall Bigger Changes.

My Sister, Husband, Daughter and several Participants were penalized because of need for prescription medicine. The health care insurance company refused to allow coverage to buy medicine under the existing plan when time to refill, because of disagreement's about the doctor's treatment plan of the patients preexisting diagnosed disease or disorder...all were HMO's.
It was a non-doctor who made that save the company money? To meet a quota? To make a tax break deadline? To show better profits? To skew annual demographic statistics? To keep the money to pay another CEO hundreds of thousands in salary or severance with stock options?
Or was it because it was Not a medical doctor and/or nurse practitioner at the helm of the medical decision, a decision that wipes out family savings, just to keep that person from slipping deeper and faster towards a health crisis. That patients life is at stake when medical insurance companies -- health maintenance organization (HMO) play doctor.




For my Daughter, Sister, Brother, Participants and Anyone with PreExisting Conditions - Reasonable & Accessible Universal-Social Health Care

***Get Rid of HMO"S and Stop Outsourcing / Off Shoring Our Medical Records***

My daughter and my medical records were mixed together, now there are small chunks of missing data. The hospital nurse went through a check list of questions after I came out of surgery spring of 2005, asking me questions while I was still drowsy from the anesthesia.
When I was fully awake, I asked my husband if I was dreaming...did someone ask me about multiple sclerosis - MS, etc.? My husband said "Yes" and that several of my daughters diagnosis were listed in my file. Which was very weird, as I had met with the pre-admitting surgery nurse and had gone over details of my health history with her.
After surgery when I was in my room, that is when we found out that my Daughter and my medical records had been merged. Two of our sister hospitals had moved under a bigger health care corporation several years back. A lay off of the medical records department began in 2002 or 2003. Those jobs were outsourced to India. Without a doubt, the only error's prior to the time of "Outsourcing" was specific doctor and nurse interpretation and case noting.
The result of outsourcing / off Shoring medical records was lost U.S jobs, private information surfing across global networks and less chance to identify whose really responsible when medical error or identity theft occur.


For my Sister, Daughter, Brother, Nephews and Participants - Increase minimum wage to A Living Wage

***America's minimum wage is not a living wage - Begin closing the wide - wide disparity gap with attention to problem area's above***

If the action of making a wage livable is continually ignored and put on the back burner, then it is truly another sign that our potential to restore the backbone of America, is still being suppressed.
The safety locks of legislation need to be installed so that a living wage becomes law and that it stay equal to what a full time equivalent employee status is. Otherwise, those self serving employers who have found ways to strip FTE's with health insurance away, will find another route to keep most of the millions that employees helped them make each year.
This past few years especially, I really got the feeling that some of the wealthiest employers have / are attempting to hoard away the companies profits because they're afraid of our countries growing instability, too. Instead of giving it back to the employees for a job well done and reinvesting in the community. Some of these employers have intentionally created a new 'Company Atmos-Fear,' using some pretty sneaky methods.
Sneaky is a corporation that calls an employee part time at 35 hours per week with no benefits. That kind of behavior should alert a new (please try and forget the old 109th) 110th to create an economic over sight committee. That kind of behavior is already on the radar of unions and other organizations across the U.S., that track these kinds of employers.
Just for the sake of hoarding the almighty dollar, make your employee work like a dog, pay them scraps, mandate swing shifts and then show them that they are not appreciated enough by classifying them as ineligible for health care because they only work 35 hours a week, the maximum hours allowed. Or give the employee a health care plan that they cannot afford. That's only one example of many bad examples of this country's corporate culture that was and is allowed to treat workers in this way.
There are some very good employers out there and then there are some really really terrible employers out there. This is about those employers who pay big bucks to a team of attorneys, who devise ways to stomp on the American dream of workers in manufacturing, retail and food industries. Sometimes their plan goes haywire because the greed runs ramped among the top brass. Which makes them look pretty reckless and insensitive to those that would disagree with the way the corporation does business. Unless the legislative body creates strong reins - over sight, gives permission to enforce penalties and hold them accountable with those reins, employee's at minimum wage will continue to struggle while juggling two and three jobs.




The Steam Roll of the Liberal Activist's is the thing that this country will count on for the next few years. It's the actual steam of the liberal activists that I expect will heat up and clean up this new 110th Congress quickly. Any sign of arrogance, greed or lack of ethics, including any type of predatory behavior and/or distorted self serving entitlement will be a fast Steam Clean for them.

The New 110th will need Liberal injections, brand name Republicans (generic fanatic faux's not allowed) as well as Independent booster shots and lots of Greens, in order to stay awake, stay focused, and stay on top of things; thereby preventing the nasty Neo-Flu from knocking any authentic 110th public servants on their butts.

Hope they keep their eye on all levels of government. Some of the distractions taking place recently, to try and side track the people's business and prolong our ill feelings, is the same old stuff. The liberals, Independents, Greens and real deal Republicans are wise to all the Neo-Con and Neo-Cult back alley tricks, I'm told. Good!

Now I can relax? No, I don't think I will ever have confidence in my country the way I used to. I certainly will never believe that we are more civilized than any other. Not unless we are able to undo some of our own uncivilized ways. And that, to me, was something I had counted on...being civilized and being part of a global peace making initiative, a country that cared about its' own, so that its' own could care for others.

So much time has been lost -- for the real needs of the American people and this country, that I do have little nagging doubts about how this new 110th will get to it...restoring our faith in the government by doing their job. The rest of the world counted on us once, before a disturbing ilk of people infested the highest office's in our land.

It feels like we are on our own at the moment, milling around and just waiting for the 110th to get to work. We need to see and hear that something is being done to repair the damage done to our country, to our people, to the world -- by doing the Peoples business.

After the first 100 hours...on to another list of business and then another and another....... Five days a week, every week until the fabric of our nation feels like its on the mend.....

Historical Firsts.....
Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi!!!
US Senator Amy Klobachar!!!
US Representative Keith Ellison!!!

Sunday January 7, 2007 Newsweek By Mary Carmichael A New Era Begins Stem Cells derived from amniotic fluid show great promise in the lab and may end the divisive ethical debate once and for all.

Saturday, January 6, 2007 By JIM KUHNHENN The Associated Press The Washington Post
Dems Prepare Slew of Oversight Hearings

Saturday, January 6, 2007 By Peter Baker and Robin Wright Washington Post Staff Writers ~~~ Pelosi, Reid Urge Bush To Begin Iraq Pullout President Considering Three 'Surge' Options

Wednesday, January 3, 2007 By Jonathan Weisman Washington Post Staff Writer
Activists on the Left Applying Pressure to Democratic Leaders Liberals Seek Bolder Approach to War, Spying

Saturday, December 30, 2006
The Cycle Of Bad Health Care Systems Need To Be Stopped....

Thursday, December 28, 2006
Attention All United States Senators of the New 110th Congress -- Make Health Care Coverage Accessible For My Disabled Sister & Others FIRST!!!

October 13, 2006 PBS - Filmmaker Laura Poitras ~ An American woman's startling tale of life in Iraq
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