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Monday, December 25, 2006

University of Oklahoma Medical Center ~ Misty Cargill Deserves A New Kidney.....

It seems that Misty Cargill does not qualify for a kidney transplant. She is refused a place on the waiting list. The University of Oklahoma Medical Center has a Gold Standard for those in need of a kidney transplant and a Creaming of the Crop mentality.

It seems that Misty's mentality does not meet the level of intellectual development that the educated -- professional -- collegant committee demand's of their perspective patients.

A doctors ethical creed is to 'do no harm.' Misty does have a life, is a productive member of society and her aspirations are many. Obviously, Misty wants to live....she applied for transplant services. The desire to live a better life in a healthier body, was there.

The UO Medical Center has harmed this young women, they have sentenced her to a world without choice. Her health will eventually fail, without a new kidney. Her life will become less lively and she will have to forgo the things she used to do.

Shame on the UO committee that handed Misty a shorter-bleaker life ahead. Shame on the UO medical center for not using reason, logic and compassion, before forcing this young adult to triple spin through additional multiple hoops in mid air, with hands tied behind her back.

Monday, December 25, 2006 No Room At the Inn ~ Misty Cargill Needs a Kidney Transplant By Timothy Shriver

The University of Oklahoma Medical Center
Marketing / Public Relations 405-271-7900
Main Hospital Number 405-271-4700

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