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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Michele Bachmanns Footprints In The 6th Congressional District Minnesota

Michele Bachmanns walk to the U.S. House of Representatives 6th CD Minnesota is worth repeating.......whether it was mastery or mistake, she has been on a roll to the Capital since redistricting took place (see below) in 2002.

Blue man in a Red district

Monday, December 25, 2006

Blue man in a Red district has broken City Pages article about Michele Bachmann into 4 installments...

Bachmann is the Chosen One Part I

Bachmann is the Chosen One, Part II

Bachmann is the Chosen One, Part III

Bachmann is the Chosen One, Part IV. Final piece from the City Pages.


Sunday, March 04, 2007
Dump Michele Bachmann
Rumor:State Senator Kathy Saltzman Considering Run Against Bachmann

DMB's AnswerToJob Comment from the Advice for Michele Bachmann from the Saint Cloud Times Post
And then if you need more, go watch one of the Avidor Japanese Collection (a recent purcha$e from youtube) where Michele Bachamnn won't shake Patty Wetterling's hand. George Bush AND Michele Bachmann believe that god speaks to them. Yes, I am terrified of George Bush's attacks on our constitution that does not mention God but guarantees freedom of and FROM religion. As well as his recent illegal successful invasion and failed occupation of a sovereign Muslim nation. Certainly not unbiased, my current bumber sticker is "No, Seriously, Why Did We Invade Iraq?"

Published: March 03, 2007 By Tim O'Brien, Star Tribune

Blog House: The world, according to Rep. Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Saturday, March 03, 2007 Dump Michele Bachmann's Ken Avidor
Japanese Television in Minnesota to Interview Dump Bachmann Story

March 1, 2007 The Minnesota Daily
Princess Skeletor stops terrorists with her Sword of Avalon
Princess Skeletor, or Representative Michelle Bachmann, has provided non-stop fun since she entered Washington this year.

March 01, 2007 By Brady Averill, Star Tribune
House votes to make it easier for workers to form unions

John Kline, Michelle Bachmann and Jim Ramstad opposed the bill.

March 1st, 2007 By Eric Black Star Tribune
The Big Question

February 27. 2007 St. Cloud Times
Our view: Bachmann needs to explain Iraq comments

Decision time on Iraq
President Bush will tell the nation tonight about his plan for Iraq. Here's what your representatives in Congress think the next steps should be and their views on committing more troops to the war.

What do you hope Bush's plan will include?

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-6th District

There is no question that we need to place more of an emphasis on intelligence gathering. We need to focus our resources on making sure our commanders and troops have the best information about the enemy and reach strategy decisions based on that information. We cannot achieve success without intelligence.


Fri Sep 16, 2005 by Superribbie at the Daily Koz
House Races to Target, Part IV (IN, IL, WI, MN) (long analysis
On Wednesday, I posted the third in what will be a series of profiles of potentially vulnerable GOP seats. That diary included West Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan.
It can be found here The second covered New York and Pennsylvania and can be found here The first included New England and New Jersey and can be found here

As noted yesterday, based on the national climate (if it holds), we should be in position to make some big gains in 2006; the Presidential approval numbers, Congressional approval numbers, and Generic ballot numbers compare with those in late 1993, before the GOP sweep of 1994.

Today, I focus on 4 more midwestern states. Of these, Illinois and Wisconsin both are states with bipartisan incumbent-protection maps. Indiana has a Dem-drawn map intended to shore up the then-four Dem members of the delegation. So far, it has failed; we're down to two seats.

Minnesota has a court-drawn map that is very GOP-friendly.

Minnesota 01 (Gil Gutknecht)

The 1st Congressional District of Minnesota includes the state's two southern tiers of counties, running along Interstate 90 just north of the Iowa border. It stretches 280 miles from the South Dakota border at Sioux Falls to the Wisconsin border at LaCrosse. Rochester has long been a Republican stronghold, though not by much in 2004; like many communities with large numbers of professionals, it has been trending toward Democrats. Austin with its working class tradition has long been solidly Democratic-Farmer-Labor. To the west, Mankato voted narrowly for John Kerry and the population-losing farm counties between Mankato and the South Dakota border voted solidly Republican. The overall partisan score is 48.8% Dem. The incumbent is yet another 1994 GOPer. Gil Gutknecht won the district as an open seat when conservative Dem Tim Penny retired. He was targeted throughout the 1990s, but of late has faced only minor opposition, taking 64% and 62% against underfunded opponents in '02 and '04. In a strong Dem year, Gutknecht can be vulnerable.

Minnesota 02 (John Kline)

The 2d District is a suburban/rural district south of the Twin Cities. It includes such places as Eagan, Lakeville, Apple Valley, Mendota Heights and Burnsville in Dakota County. More upscale are the suburbs of Scott and Carver Counties. Farther south on Interstate 35, the district also includes farm country as well as towns such as Northfield, the home of Carleton College. Historically, Dakota County, just south of St. Paul, which casts nearly half the votes in the district, was marginally Democratic, while the other counties were fairly heavily Republican. But in 1998 this was Jesse Ventura Country: in that three-way race he carried each of the counties in the district, with a sharply increased turnout. As the suburbs have continued growing, Ventura country has become more Republican. George W. Bush narrowly carried Dakota County in 2000 and 2004, and produced big margins for Republican Senator Norm Coleman and Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2002. The only remaining DFL stronghold here is Rice County, home of Northfield. The district is now 46.5% Dem. The incumbent, John Kline, won here in 2002 on his third try against Dem Bill Luther. Kline's win was largely attributable to the GOP-friendly remap, which split Luther's district in half. Kline won in 2002 with 56% of the two party vote and won in 2004 against a well-funded, active challenger with 58%. This year, the Dem is FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley. In a year in which the incompetence and corruption of the GOP will be front and center, she may be the perfect candidate.

Minnesota 06 (open seat)

The 6th Congressional District of Minnesota is a suburban and exurban district north of St. Paul and Minneapolis. It dips as far south and east as Stillwater, with new riverfront housing developments along the St. Croix. It spreads north over Washington and Anoka Counties, just north of the Twin Cities, with a mix of upscale and working class suburbs. To the northwest, along the Mississippi River, are Wright, Sherburne and Benton Counties, which have grown rapidly, from 140,000 in 1990 to 224,000 in 2003, up 59%. This district is 44.8% Dem. The incumbent is Mark Kennedy, who won one of two big upsets against entrenched Dems in 2000, defeating David Minge (Rob Simmons' win over Sam Gejdenson in Connecticut 02 was the other). Kennedy is leaving to run for the open Senate seat. Dems want 2004 candidate Patty Wetterling (who held Kennedy to a 54-46 win) to abandon her own Senate bid to run for this seat. If she does, she will likely be slightly favored. Even if not, this will be a competitive open seat race.


Saturday, June 11, 2005
Republican Convention Report
Michele Bachmann Says

February 23, 2005 Minnesota Public Radio by G.R. Anderson Jr.
Two years later, because of redistricting, Bachmann was facing a 10-year incumbent DFLer for the seat in District 52. By ratcheting up her antiabortion rhetoric, vowing to bring more local control to classrooms, and signing a no-new-taxes pledge, Bachmann defeated Jane Krentz.

October 24, 2002 By Tom Scheck Minnesota Public Radio
GOP looks to take control in Minnesota Senate.

Redistricting has created nine open seats in the Minnesota Senate, and has pitted two incumbents against each other.

Senate District 52 contest between Republican Sen. Michelle Bachman and DFL Sen. Jane Krentz.

Jane Krentz had been a State Senator since 1993. She was an elementary teacher who had a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Elementary Education, with a Master of Education in Special Education from the University of Minnesota.

In 2002, district lines for the Minnesota State Senate were redrawn following the 2000 census.

Minnesota's three main parties Republican, Democratic, and Independence (lead at the time by then Governor Jesse Ventura) failed to reach a compromise concerning redistricting, so a judicial panel determined the size, shape, and locations of voting districts within the state.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002 Stearns County Board of Commissioners Meeting
The Stearns County Board of Commissioners was called to order by Donald Otte, Chair. Present were Commissioners Mark Sakry, Rose Arnold, Don Otte, Larry Haws and Leigh Lenzmeier; County Attorney Roger Van Heel, County Administrator George Rindelaub; Auditor-Treasurer Randy Schreifels and Karen Kmitch, Administrative Secretary to the auditor-Treasurer. A continuation of the public hearing was held on the redistricting of Stearns County.After some discussion, motion was made by Commissioner Lenzmeier and seconded by Commissioner Sakry to approve Plan A, as follows, for the redistricting of Stearns County

March 19, 2002 By MPR Newsroom
Highlights of a five-judge panel's redistricting plan
and office holders who would face another incumbent if they ran for re-election, along with their new districts: Incumbents paired under court's redistricting plan .......
•Rep. Mark Kennedy, the Republican holder of the 2nd District seat, is redistricted into the 6th District with incumbent Bill Luther.

Michele Bachmann, R-Stillwater, 52
Jane Krentz, DFL-May Township, 52


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