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Monday, February 26, 2007

Who's Afraid of Michele Bachmann...NOT DMB, Norwegianity or the Huffington Post!

But the U.S. House and MN House and MN Senate may be, not a peep out of them over Bachmanns media melody of "Fear Mongering." Secrets? Fabrication? Distortion? Or plain out right lie? Which ever it may be I hope Madam Speaker Pelosi takes Bachmann by the hand and holds her accountable for this one.
As for our MN elected officials.....Silence to the public at large And ignoring questionable public official behavior and irresponsible displays of show boating, Are how the November 7th elections became a landslide. Don't forget newly elected MN House....we want your "Public" input of truth, logic and common sense. Especially when something as serious as what Michele Bachmann oddly put out there, is then oddly recanted in an odd way. This one wreaks of mangled misinformation coming out of U.S. Rep. Bachmanns mouth from the 6th CD in Minnesota then spread out to the nation.

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Monday, February 26, 2007 Dump Michele Bachmann
posted by Prendergast: Michele Bachmann: Email Me, Just Go Ahead And Try It.....
"I laughed, bitterly. We’re gonna need the jaws of life to pry an email address out of her. She wants to hear from her constituents like she wants to hear the truth about evolution. If anybody has Representative Bachmann's email address, please write in with it and post it here. She's treating it like she should treat a national security issue."

02/24 Norwegianity: Bachmann won't say where she learned about Iran
The Strib expands on that theme:

02.23.2007 Huffington Post Lizz Winstead
Michele Bachmental Patient -- 31 comments

Michele is the congress person for my neighboring district. I sincerely wonder how she got elected. From day one she was saying things like, "If we got rid of the minimum wage, there would be no unemployment, because people could work for 3 dollars and hour" (I think that's about how she said it)

And I here that her husband is a shrink that tries to convert gay people to straight.

Hold on there...there are plenty of us in the MN 6th that fought and are still fighting against this idiot. 50% of this district did not vote for her. If you add up the votes of Wetterling and Binkowski it was a tie.


She makes stuff up all the time and our local media usually just ignores it. This time enough activists in her district got this out into the MSM. We are working hard to discredit her and make sure she is not re-elected.


No we are not below average. Her extremism and voting record as a state senator were not publicized in the local media during the campaign and Wetterling's campaign did a very poor job in exposing her as well. Wetterling should have won, and could have won with the right publicity and support from the DCCC.


Your post is comical Lizz, thanks for the Saturday laughs :-)


During one of the debates between Bachmann and the other two candidates there was a question about public school education. All candidates were for it.

But, the independence party candidate says Michelle, your children went to private schools. Michelle acknowledged it, but she sent her 20 (that's not a typo) foster kids to public schools. The independence party candidate jumped on that and says I guess your foster kids aren't as deserving as your own children. OUCH!!!


So, it should really be no surprise when one of these statements gets said to the MSM, in her mind it is absolutely valid. She has said it to those who are "on her side" repeatedly, and they all just nodded "north and south" and applauded. No one questioned her on it, no one pointed out WHERE she left reality and headed into Lah-Lah land, because no one knew.


The scariest part of this isn't Michelle Bachmann, it's the people that VOTED for her.


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