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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Site Meter sm1 Crash Helped Me to Break My Addiciton to Data

Beginning on March 2, 2007, Site Meter stopped my ability to track visitors to this blog. It wasn't until March 5th that I felt a bit panicked, after I had posted my last post about Michele Bachmann. I couldn't log in after multiple tries, my site meter disappeared from my blog and I wanted to restore it.

I sent an email to Site Meters Webmaster after I made it in that far. As of 3/7 Site Meter was still stuck on March 2, 2007, but visitor numbers were increasing....20, 30 , 40 and finally as of 3/11/07 numbers of visitors reached 87. And I can't access the stat information that I so relied on. Since I am no techie, I even thought I must have done something wrong to my site because site meters Weblog made it sound as if they were finally up and running by 3/9/07.

After emailing and emailing to no avail, I searched blogger to see if others were experiencing the same thing. There were a some comments and not all sm1 -- the free one. I went on a search for other stat counters and located two other free stat counter services. I don't miss Site Meter as much as I did last week. I am no longer fussing about not being able to track the most visits in a week in a while.

I relied on the stat information so much that when I couldn't access it, I was stressed out every single day! That is not a good sign. So, I am off the Site Meter now and can successfully call myself a "Recovering Site Meter" addict!

Yes, I still will try out the two stat counters I found and then make a decision as to which one will do best for me. I really don't like change, Site Meter made it so easy for me, was so user friendly and had a nice uncomplicated layout.

I'm sure I will crave a return to Site Meter at times, but alas that is part of the recovery process. Although I do feel sorry for Site Meters troubles, I want to say "Thank you Site Meter for helping me turn a weakness for Data into a challenge for change."


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