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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Anti-War, Monica, Mad TV, Bachmann & A Giant Toad

Thursday, March 29, 2007 War Is Hell! Washington D.C. Anti-War Rally
Washington D.C. Anti-War Rally


Fold / Spindle / Mutilate 2.0 Bush Loyalist Rose Quickly at Justice By Alan Cooperman
Washington Post Staff Writer
A Case in Point for How the Religious Right Became the Foot Soliders of the White House in the DOJ


Tuesday, March 27, 2007 FORGET THE iRACK AND FOCUS ON THE iRAN? DownWithTyranny! said "here's a quick little video that should clear it all up for you...."


The iWrong President Christy Hardin Smith from Firedoglake said
"Comedy can be such an effective means of skewering the powerful, by mocking the hubris and the tics that inflate the egos and this particular sketch is a doozy in that regard, with some subtle digs all around."

When Dump Michele Bachmann did the Condi and Michele girl talk thingy, I laughed so hard. I laughed at the video that DownWithTyranny and Firedoglake posted too. It wasn't the same deep kind of belly laugh and actually didn't feel as satisfying. Maybe I just know too much about the real meaning of the skit. Maybe my laugh button is broken and needs repair. Immediately after I laughed I felt sort of guilty, maybe its that long ago Catholic training or maybe it was the instinctual pacifist in me....? I love to laugh at silly things and I enjoy doing silly things Dump Michele Bachmanns post "Bong Hits for Bachmann" was silly and funny. The skit on YouTube was actually pretty smart. That is it! I didn't feel the same funny bone being tickled because the skit was a brilliantly true, yet sad, metaphor for what has happened and what is still happening at the hands of the current administration and their shadows. What a rollercoaster ride of emotions!!!
I feel the need to link to the story and picture about the giant toad (just for kicks) I heard about the other day. A toad as big as a small dog......Boston Globe - Australian Toad.
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