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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thank You Rep. Gene Taylor and Senator Boxer For Standing Up and Not Taking It!

Over a month ago I watched Meet The Press with Rep. John Boehner Minority leader of the House and Rep. Steny Hoyer, Majority leader of the House. I never paid much attention to Boehner before that. Saw him here and there on Sunday shows, always pressed and polished.

It struck me, as I watched and listened to Boehner, that he was whining at Hoyer publicly, on the airwaves. Now, I had been under the impression that Boehner was a "tough suit" before that show aired. I used to call my husband a 'suit.' And sometimes I called him a 'tough suit' because of a too stern stand he would take in something business related.

But when Boehner whined at Hoyer on the air and then again about Speaker Pelosi's no smoking rule, I had to pause and remember, Boehner was among the Republican gang that basically bullied the entire Congressional Democratic party members...shoving them to the sidelines and kicked them into the basement of Congress. And now he was acting this way?

When the tables turn and the aggressor becomes a public whiner, they do so because they fear the same kind of treatment they dished out. The bully sort of ends up victimizing themselves with a show of bad behavior. Even though I am not a party person, I think the Democratic party members are dignified and extend equal respect to anyone they meet first.

And if that doesn't work, backing down from a bully is not an option. The dignified and respectful real Republicans who do exist, are greatly out numbered right now. They have got to be exhausted from all of their time spent putting out propaganda fires, all started by their very own members.

So heres hoping that Republican bullies are paired with someone like a Rep. Taylor or a Senator Boxer on every Sunday news show. I applaud Rep. Taylor for not being beaten into submission and I applaud Senator Boxer for not letting a bully beat up on someone else. And we the public were witness to why the Democratic party was voted the majority November 7, 2006.

Thanks to DavidNYC for writing about the Federally Forgotten Hurrican Katrina Victims..........
Sat Mar 31, 2007 Daily Kos by DavidNYC Gene Taylor (D) Sticks Up for Katrina Victims, GOP Crybabies Whine for Apology

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