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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Truth Tellers ~ Senator Barack Obama & Congresswoman Jackie Speier Hit A Nerve With Thoughtful Prose ~

Elitism for Elites By: Barbara O'Brien Crooks and Liars Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Oh give me a break NewMexiKen

New High for Political Women; Katrina Hardship Lingers By Matthews and Soguel WeNews commentators WOMENSENEWS Date 04/12/08

Barack Obama's response to criticism of his "bitter" comment From: b157566 Barack was criticized on cable news tonight...Views: 2,835 - DocBee2000 "Wow..Obama responded so quick, the ink on the Daily newspaer didnt even get a chance to dry. This is the best response ever to an attack."

A History of the American City The Urban Wilderness Sam Bass Warner, Jr. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley · Los Angeles · Oxford
© 1995 The Regents of the University of California "When the Presidents of the United States decide to finance their wars with inflation and unemployment, it is the local community which must cope with the impacts. When tax lawyers and Congressmen connive to destroy an equitable progressive tax structure, it is the neighborhoods which must suffer the housing shortages, overcrowded schools, and hospitals."

AP Poll: Bush Public Approval at New Low ALAN FRAM April 10, 2008

Some people are upset at Senator Barack Obama and Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Oh Boy are they upset! Barack has been lectured by the other candidates, while Jackie was booed by congress members. I flipped off my 'Ignorant' switch, stopped to absorb each of their words, listened to the words, heard the words and realized that the words they spoke held truth. The words are true!

A giant Excedrin sized ringing bell in our society today, the truth. Believe a lie and live in ignorance. Or, believe the truth, feel the discomfort and repair the damage.
A piercing siren is going off as to how the working classes have suffered, how the working class survives and how the the working classes cope with loss. Whether it be coping with the loss that Senator Obama spoke about or the loss that US Congresswoman Speier spoke about, both topics are undeniably connected. It comes down to an obstructionist type thinking when someone wants something to stay the same. No matter if that is one person, a corporation or a political body. Someone wants the Iraq occupation to continue. Someone wants fewer industry regulations and someone wants more of everything at any cost. Even at the peril of their own countrymen. They won't and don't want to let go.

Losing our livelihoods to a revolving door of economic's for umpteen years has been hard and it has hurt families. But the last eight are and will become the most devastating to our country since the 1930's.

The manufacturing foundation crumbled every time a company moved out somewhere else. There is no rational, no logic and no reason in trying to convince a segment of the population that they will have to become something else. They are being told they will have to work in Collections, Retail or be a Telephone Customer Service Operator.

Some individuals have made the difficult transition, but to find that their $18.00 an hour manufacturing wage has been reduce to $9.00 per hour with no benefits and a split shift, is just plain depressing. No immediate training available in bio-medical manufacturing because there are not enough classes taking place, because there are not enough companies pushing to hire and the waiting lists for these courses are endless.

So once the lucky person gets in to a specialized manufacturing training, how will they pay for transportation costs to get to that training? Which the training is supposed to help them occupationally assimilate into this new world of advanced manufacturing? How can they afford to get the training without the money to pay for the training when the money they generate from a settle for job, barely pays for rent, mortgage or food? There are a whole lot of people left out of this new age smaller advanced manufacturing industry. Too many.

If anyone is disconnected from the American workers plight, it is Congress! It is one of the presidential candidates who lectured Senator Obama. And it is useless to even put the words administration and worker in the same sentence...ho-hum.

'Losing' is a real threat already shaped, pounded and packaged. Can't get back what you lost -- a job or a loved one, can't make it up after it's gone -- a job or a loved one, can't replace it -- a job or a loved one when it disappears.

The Ignorant switch has been turned on the wrong people. Switch your television to CSPAN - the best coverage of social and political commentary any where around. Switch your television over to cable news - scripting and spinning the news every day! Watch the current administration and listen to them on the radio and tell me who is really an elitist and who should really be booed?!?

Watch and listen to the biggest group of Obstructionists against the working classes quality of life. Oil CEO's who recently went to congress to ask for help, asking for help and getting it. The financial industry asked for help, they asked for help and received it. Congress for preening on themselves, especially with that awfully elitist 'Christmas' vote. The American people asked for help and the American people are still waiting for help.

When our Rights, what few we have left, become the very lightening rod that people are using to insult Senator Obama with or politicians booing a NEW Congresswoman, the people acting offended are itching to strike out at someone anyway.

Striking out at Senator Obama and Congresswoman Speier, it is just another example of ignorance and should be noted as behavior unbecoming any adult. Something has got to give and I guess 'ignorance' in all of its naked glory can be viewed as a lesson for life. Man have we had a lot of lessons this past eight years.

The Iraq occupation is draining our nation from creating any economic normalcy, thereby preventing us from generating normal and healthy social patterns, hence life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We really don't want to be standing around scratching our heads or something else when the well runs dry. Do we? The dumbing down of America can be stopped. We can listen to Senator Obama and Congresswoman Speier speak the words, really listen and then use the power we have as American citizens to change the direction our nation is sliding.

The American way can't be bogged down in ignorance. We are smart enough to know that ignorance is not bliss, not anymore. Having a national discussion about what ails us is good medicine for our nation! So lets have it.

In 1978 I witnessed a parking lot full of crying hugging workers. Workers that closed the door on their livelihoods on that day when Zenith went to Mexico. I was with my friend who went to pick up their parent at the end of that day. It was extremely sad, it was very emotional and people were very upset with Mexico....not with Zenith, not with the CEO's, but upset with Mexico. Then the talk went from Mexico to Mexicans and the rest you probably can guess....some people became very bitter towards individuals rather than an entity. The company escaped their wrath, but the people they grew to hate didn't. That was the most racist statements and racist jokes I'd heard ever at that young time in my life. Subtle racism stings too. I've heard plenty, as matter of fact Senator McCains new neo-gop supporter was the most recent.

Distorted ignorance comes out of sheer pain of loss and uncertainty. You might say that the sheer pain of loss caused people to lose their ability to 'think' with a rational disconnect. Emotions too forceful for one to handle. People have taken their lives when loss of job has occurred. People have become alcohol and drug addicted because of loss. People have hurt others with words when they obsess about their loss. People have banded together, to physically bully and threaten others because of their loss. Their perceived loss at the hands of someone within reach, is the 'monster' that grew within them. Bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and racism come from loss of self, from loss of confidence, from loss of love for life with others. It is where bitterness breeds. Mercy and Pity. Pity and Mercy. Who should I see as the victim and who should we see as the victim makers? My ignorance tells me its them, but I know that I can be my own worst enemy when times are tough.

Senator Barack Obama Don't stop talking! Congresswoman Jackie Seier Don't stop talking!

I think Barack Obama and Jackie Speier are two courageous people!

Two true patriotic individuals, driven by democracy, human rights believing, equality hunting Americans! They have made a bleak week so much brighter. Thank you Barack and Jackie.

Reuters Politics Summary Reuters Saturday, April 12, 2008
"Obama under fire after fundraiser remarks"

More Obama & Elitism by tremayne Open Left Sat Apr 12, 2008

Conservatives boo new congresswoman’s Iraq remarks. THINK PROGRESS By Amanda

"Speier was loudly booed by House conservatives when she began speaking about Iraq.
The President wants to stay the course, and a man who wants to replace him suggests we could be in Iraq for 100 years.”

Reforming California's Prisons: An Interview With Jackie Speier Interviewed By Lisa Katayama Mother Jones July 7, 2005

"News: The state senator is working to hold California's powerful corrections department to account."

Former California State Senator Jackie Speier and best-selling author Deborah Collins Stephens share engaging stories about Jackie Speier Channel: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Statistics: 79 plays since May 9, 2007

Jackie Speier -- moving on, moving up Survivor of Jonestown ambush plans run for lieutenant governor Vicki Haddock, SFGATE Chronicle Staff Writer Sunday, November 16, 2003

"Indeed, Speier's life store is studded with so much hardship that, were she a literary character, the novelist who conceived her story would be mocked for straining credulity."

Welcome to Congress, Jackie Speier- UPDATED with video By: Nicole Belle Crooks and Liars Friday, April 11th, 2008

"Jackie Speier, the newest member of the U.S. House of Representatives"

“The truth is, I think it was a minority of Republicans that were booing - and they represent a minority of Americans who still support the war,” Speier said by phone Thursday." SFGATE Chronicle: It didn’t take long for Jackie Speier, the newest member of the U.S. House of Representatives, to put her straight-ahead style on display. Just as quickly, some of her new Republican colleagues greeted her with a sample of Washington-style partisanship.

"Quick, can we figure out a way of cloning her?"

Voters send Jackie Speier to Washington John Wildermuth, SFGATE Chronicle Staff Writer Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"About 17,000 ballots were cast in San Francisco, and more than 50,000 in San Mateo County."

"Just two weeks before his death in February, Lantos endorsed Speier as his successor, calling her a "first-class public servant who has made the community's most pressing priorities her own."

"Tuesday's special election marked a full circle for Speier, no longer the 28-year-old congressional aide but a veteran politician with a decades-long track record."

The Stockton Women's Network November 5, 2003 meeting
California State Senator Jackie Speier "Senator Speier speaks on many topics, but her aide informed us that ...Making the Personal Political with the Ten Commandments of Women’s Health are what her female audiences rave about."

f117NiteHawk (5 days ago) BARACK OBAMA is the most inspiring, intelligent, educated, qualified and humble person, to seek the office of President, in the history of America! The educated and well informed, are voting for Obama. His only weakness is the color of his skin. AMERICA SHOULD BE ASHAMED!! They like Obama in Germany, France, Spain, Japan, China, India, Middle East, African Nations, South America. I pray God supplies a wind to his back, and i do believe i feel a change in the air.

Democrats Look The Other Way by Steve Soto Left Coaster Thursday April 10, 2008 "There are three noncampaign stories that I think deserve some attention today, because of how they summarize the administration's spell over this country, the media, and the Democratic Party."

John McCain
An American Odyssey By ROBERT TIMBERG Touchstone NYT
"...thought the rules were unfair, stupid, or, as most were in his estimation, made to be broken."

Secret US plan for military future in Iraq Seumas Milne The Guardian, Tuesday April 8 2008 "Document outlines powers but sets no time limit on troop presence"

HILLARY’08 Strengthening the Middle Class - America's middle class is under siege and ready for change. People are working harder and longer for less and less. For six long years, America's middle class and working families have been invisible to our president.

OBAMA’08 Senator Obama has been able to develop innovative approaches to challenge the status quo and get results. Americans are tired of divisive ideological politics, which is why Senator Obama has reached out to Republicans to find areas of common ground.
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