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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dear Congress, Hope You Have A Nice Summer Vacation...


Despite Record Low Poll Numbers, Bush Still Bullies Wimpy Democrats By MARC MCDONALD Thursday, April 24, 2008
"The only reason I can come up with is that the Democrats have shown themselves to be such pushovers, that Bush knows he can get away with bullying them."

Newspaper Strike Called on Bush Torture Blackout by Jim Irregular Times

"has a full list of all the American papers providing coverage of the story that President George W. Bush has confessed to personally approving a U.S. Government conspiracy to commit torture. Here’s the list:"

Unpatriotic by Turkana The Left Coaster Friday Apr 18, 2008 "Simply put, if, as many Republicans would have it, "the Bush Administration is the most unpatriotic administration this nation has ever had"

the $200B or so that Congress wants to appropriate to Bush for the war with no restrictions. by Matt Stoller Open Left Fri Apr 18, 2008

Dear Congress,
What is wrong with you? Are you all being blackmailed? I cannot for the life of me believe you would allow the downward slide of this country.

Hang It Up, Jane Harman by Steve Soto The Left Coaster "When this era's history is written, there will be a collective gasp at what the GOP and this White House did to this country and our Constitution."

After all of the very important hearings to unmask corruption. After all of the press conferences to challenge corruption. After all of that, still nothing.

Then comes the first ripple of economic derailment, people in great numbers lost everything. Then came the big wave of greater numbers of people losing everything.

I WAS YOUR NEIGHBOR...Foreclosures Chicago Sun-Times

Now we wait for the tsunami of 2008 to end with even greater numbers of people losing everything.

MinMon video: North side story -- A vacant home tour "Today, there are close to 900 vacant homes in Minneapolis."

Yet, you still have not tackled the biggest elephant in the room.

From: Recession The Movie

You do realize that the Iraq invasion and occupation is directly tied to our economy, don't you?

Ask Leila Fadel...
This week on the JOURNAL, Bill Moyers spoke with Leila Fadel, Baghdad bureau chief for McClatchy, about her experiences on the ground in Iraq.

You do realize that multiple de-regulation, signing statements and pure selfishness are the heads of the pin that prick us over and over and over.


You wouldn't stop the funding for the occupation when you had a chance. You wouldn't force the withdrawal of the troops when you had a chance.

You didn't seem phased by the dying and displaced people of Iraq and you sure don't seem phased by the continued death of the soldiers and private contractors.

"Inside Iraq" "firsthand accounts of their experiences."

So, the only thing I can determine, is that the majority of you are being blackmailed by somebody. Or maybe you are just suffering from clinical depression. Or maybe its both.

Bush IT Guru Now Works For “100 More Years Of War” John McCain From Velvet Revolution

Rep. Woolsey Admits Democrats in Congress Are Giving Up On Iraq By Nicole Belle Crooks and Liars

Are you waiting till we have a new President? You think thats the answer?

I am So Proud of Hillary and Barack!!!!

Could it be that you will have to undo the tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, soon? Well, that would be about the time the rest of us have run out of money.

John Edwards Cared ~ the Lost, the Sick, the Poor, the Forgotten, the Victims, the Survivors, the Senior, the Children, the Worker ~ We the People!

But hey Congress, you go ahead and have a pleasant summer vacation.

ECONOMY: Recession Watch 2008 "Juicing the economy will come at a cost." AND "Lawmakers need to weigh the cost of any stimulus package with its benefits."

Poor Little Misfit Congress Christmas Story "At first it just seemed that the little misfit congress needed time to adjust in their brand new special job for the people of the land. Time after time though, the poor little misfit congress continued to detour away from the very important matters that UZ tiny people had wanted repaired with a new tiny people congress."

Killer Fuel Prices Still Baffle Congress
Tampa Tribune, FL
Some trucker groups are urging President Bush to tap the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help push prices down....

Energy Dept. Sets Aside More Oil
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Energy Department said Friday it would continue putting oil into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve even as crude oil prices remain above ...

Energy Department boosts emergency oil reserve
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Energy Department says it's going to keep putting oil in the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve, even with the price of crude above ...

State of US economy is weaker than expected
Commodity Online
300000 barrels of crude oil were also added to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Gasoline supplies were down 4.5 million barrels while heating oil supplies ...

Big Oil Says "Don't Blame Us"
The White House has repeatedly rejected use of the oil in the federal Strategic Petroleum Reserve to influence prices. The American Petroleum Institute, ...

Profits realistic, oil execs insist
Houston Chronicle, United States
"Altogether, these areas are estimated to hold 80 billion barrels of recoverable oil and natural gas equivalent — enough to double current US reserves," ...

Bush OK'd Torture Meetings By Dan Froomkin Special to "Here's the transcript of Bush's Friday morning interview with ABC News White House correspondent Martha Raddatz."

How Iraq's Government Foils Reconciliation While They Favor Party Officials and Supporters by .Common Sense posted 04-13-08 "For our complicity, troop deaths, and trillions in taxpayer dollars, the destruction of the US economy. Big Oil will get light sweet crude on which they can jack up prices and sell to us, making themselves richer and more powerful than ever."

Suit In Real Estate Fraud Case Reporting Darcy Pohland WCCO MINNEAPOLIS "Now most of the TJ Waconia homes are vacant or were sold through foreclosure, so property values in the area continue to decline."

Corzine's toll plan draws attention in other states The The Associated Press

"TRENTON, N.J. — Transportation and other government officials across the country are keeping a close eye on New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine's plan to raise tolls to fund transportation and pay off state debt."

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 (Slight Return) by publius ObsidianWings

STEPHANOPOULOS: If your love for America were eight apples, how many apples would Senator Douglas’s love be?


DOUGLAS: This is an important question George -- it's an issue that certainly will be raised in the fall.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me ask it another way. If Elijah Johnson were chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, would you eat it? Or would you decline to eat it?

McCain: ‘A lot of our problems today are psychological.’ By Brad Think Progress

"To find out how little money McCain’s gas tax “holiday” really delivers for average Americans, go to the Wonk Room."

34 Responses to “McCain: ‘A lot of our problems today are psychological.

Sean Hannity Boasts About Punking George Stephanopoulos By Bill W. Crooks and Liars

"Thankfully, there are still more than a handful of journalists who aren’t GOP pawns who together have penned a letter slamming ABC for its debate debacle."

Pennsylvania Milton Hershey's Model Town

Unlike other industrialists of his time, Hershey avoided building a faceless company town with row houses. He wanted a "real home town" with tree-lined streets, single- and two-family brick houses, and manicured lawns.

For more information about the history of Hershey, PA and Derry Township:
Visit, the official website of the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society.

Obama and Clinton Crisscross Pennsylvania By JULIE BOSMAN and JEFF ZELENY New York Times

"she led the crowd in a chant of “Yes, we will,”

"he added: “I’m not in this race to fit in to Washington. I’m in this race to change Washington.”

The Colbert Report: EdWørds! By Nicole Belle Crooks and Liars April 18th, 2008 "Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards took over the Wørd segment from Stephen Colbert to discuss the all important demographic in this election:"

History Of The USA And Canada

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