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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am So Proud of Hillary and Barack!!!!


THIS CNN 2008 debate was IT! Both people are equal to the task. I am voting with pride, for Hillary or Barack. The champion's of this long, long road to the White House...Hillary Clinton AND Barack Obama. The winner's of this national roller coaster ride...US!

This reflection of the Democratic Party is the best I've seen, the most inspiring I've heard and a party I just might want to return to completely.

After 20 plus years, I might be able to find a place among the new Democratic Party. Hard problem. I don't mind reminding the new President that I'm here. That I am not shy about letting them know I heard every word. That I am ready to help our country restore, that I am up to task of all of the challenges. Hope does spring eternal! What a feeling!

Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama. Tavis (PBS) revisits his conversations with the two Democratic Party presidential candidates. February 18, 2008

WE ALL WIN with....

HILLARY February 21, 2008 Go to site for more...
Hillary's Reviews Are In: 'Standing Ovation,' 'Really Scored,' 'A Stronger Performance'

CNN's Campbell Brown notes a 'standing ovation' in response to Hillary's closing remarks. [CNN Univision debate, 2/21/08]

CNN political analyst David Gergen - Hillary's last statement 'was the most effective moment she's had on television, I believe, since the New Hampshire primary… [Hillary] really scored on that.' [CNN post-debate analysis, 2/21/08]

Politico's Ben Smith - 'Clinton's answer was a stronger performance.' "Clinton's answer was a stronger performance; Obama seems like he's about ready to get out of here." [Politico, Ben Smith, 2/21/08]

CNN's Bill Schneider - Hillary 'just made an effective argument against John McCain.' "Clinton just made an effective argument against John McCain: Though the Arizona senator is a champion against wasteful spending, Clinton pointed to his support for the Bush tax cuts and the war in Iraq - both colossal expenditures unpopular with most Democrats." [CNN Political Ticker, 2/21/08]

NBC News' Chuck Todd - Hillary 'had a couple of very good moments on health care and the economy.' "Did she potentially win this debate on points; I think so; it was close but she had a couple of VERY good moments on health care and the economy that probably scored well in the various focus groups of undecided voters watching this debate." [MSNBC First Read, 2/21/08]

New Republic's Michael Crowley - 'The subject of health care always brings out a formidable passion and policy fluency in Hillary.' "So much of the time politicians just seem to be going through the motions when debating the issues. But the subject of health care always brings out a formidable passion and policy fluency in Hillary. People can call her a phony for all kinds of reasons but it's clear she really gets and cares about this stuff." [New Republic, The Stump, 2/21/08]

ABC News' Rick Klein - Hillary 'sounds calm, in charge, deliberate.' [ABC News, Political Radar, 2/21/08]

MyDD's Todd Beeton - 'Hillary Clinton just hit that closing response out of the park.' "Hillary Clinton just hit that closing response out of the park." [MyDD, 2/21/08]

BARACK The debate reviews are in...By Sam Graham-Felsen - February 21, 2008 Go to site for more...

MSNBC (Jonathan Alter): Obama won.
Hotline – On Call: …Barack Obama wins the night -- and the momentum in his direction continues.

Atlantic (Marc Ambinder): … The Debate Belongs To Obama LINK

TIME (Mark Halperin): Mark Halperin’s Grades: Obama B+, Clinton B

NBC (Chuck Todd) : …Obama set the tone LINK

CNN (Donna Brazile): …And look, Barack Obama tonight was exceptional- he was presidential, he was poised, he was calm. He had the poetry, but he also had the prose. He put the substance ahead of, you know, perhaps some of the rhetorical flourishes that he's capable of giving. He was good; so, you can’t deny him that.

CNN (Gloria Borger): …Tonight, you saw Barack Obama as a very credible commander in chief.

Politico (Ben Smith): Obama has come prepared to talk about substance, and offers detailed personal anecdotes, not more abstract oration, for most of his opening statement, before pivoting to the question of who can unify the country to get it done. LINK

CNN (David Gergen): … Barack Obama is dramatically better as a debater than he was a few months ago. I thought he was excellent.

What is a Bush Dog Democrat? A FAQ... by: Matt Stoller at Open Left Thursday August 30, 2007 "We need More Better Democrats in Congress!"
Just a reminder...Bush Dogs may want to switch their party right about now. We may forgive, but we'll never forget.


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