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Sunday, February 10, 2008

~ Spit & Fire ~ A Great American Conversation About Democracy


Obama & Clinton Speeches At The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner By: Logan Murphy Crooks and Liars on Sunday, February 10th, 2008

The comment section {33 when I started this post, now 44 far} is full of interesting opinions. A most interesting variety of opinions that are part of the pulse of this historical time in our nation!

If ever a time that media needed to be the connecting dots to the consciousness of mainstream America, Blogs like Crooks and Liars have instead, lifted up those voices and have captured that American Democratic Republic essense of how and why we are so different.

MSM has underperformed, once again.

The Blogs are full with the voices of the People and it’s a wonderful thing for this amazing time in our lives!

Pieces of Spit 'N' Fire...go the post to read full opinions...

#5 James Says: It’s an insult having two Keynesian, neo-liberal sell-outs speaking at a dinner commemorating men who fought central banking. I’m just saying… February 10th, 2008

#14 Gryphen Says: My only question is how long will Hillary stay in the race and interfere with Obama’s and our country’s destiny? February 10th, 2008

#23 pegrod99 Says: I am (or was) an Edwards person February 10th, 2008

#27 odanny Says about: Derry @ 25: "How about a McCain/Clinton ticket? It would have my vote."

#39 Ethan Says: Obama should tap Edwards for VP... February 10th, 2008

Great Prediction's So Far...
WHAT HAPPENS IF A SENATOR BECOMES PRESIDENT? DownWithTyranny Saturday, March 31, 2007

Looking Ahead to the General Election - Part 2: Polls, Favorability and Electability by eriposte Monday February 11, 2008 Part 1 is here and it focuses on superdelegates.

my little opinion...
The phenomenon that is Obama, showed itself when Iowa had their Caucus This election year is vastly different from any other I can remember. Voters, who are choosing between McCain and Obama or choosing between Obama and Huckabee, seem to not be Democratic Party members at all.

Maybe these people are Democratic Party leaning, but vote Independent. Or, maybe they are Republican Party members who are equally disgusted with both parties‘. Or maybe, the people - a new generation - who see outside the box of 'party' are the new undercurrent of all of our inner reflection's, who sees "Partnership" value as an asset to the restoration of this United States.

A true Change Agent walks across the isle to shake hands with their colleague and doesn't see adversarial threats; Change Agents only notice the possibility of better for all. The possibility of change for the better. The possibility of chance for future endeavors. The possibility of something bigger, better and bolder.

The stable 'state' of our union has been destroyed. The essence of a great historical United States Congress has been damaged. Damaged to the point of being compared 'with' the current administration. Hence the current approval ratings. Which really shows much more scathing Disapproval ratings.

The great American Journey has been tainted by the last eight years of nonstop corruption, greed, global crimes against humanity, destruction of citizen rights and plain out right arrogant apathy of an entire U.S voting society.

I can understand why people would look to Barack Obama for healing. It hurts so much! It hurts to be here, when we've been there, in a better place a long time ago.

To me, Barack feels as though he is a kind of Shaman, the good medicine for this land and for lands far, far away. That hope can build and that hope can heal. That is certain. That is a gift.

I can also understand why people look to Hillary Clinton for her place in history. She, in my mind, carries an Amazonian spirit of Exceptional Endurance. That is a gift.

I ultimately looked to John Edwards because he personified a necessary ingredient to what I believed crucial for our restoration after eight years of a national nightmare. Courage to ease the suffering of humanity. Then humanity would emerge whole.

Edwards reminds me of so many great people in history because his words became deeds and his deeds gave peace of mind to somebody, somewhere. His human flaw was self-recognized and his real life purpose recovered because of that flaw - the Iraq vote.

John Edwards drive for Justice comes from courage, he would be a great asset to this nation and then other nations would see this too. He is not afraid to face corruption, greed, apathy, nor arrogance. A gift of Justice from Courage for all.

Hope alone cannot undo the layers of continuing damage that this present administration has instigated, instituted and initiated. In order to cast out the extremely strong remnants of a fanatically fiendish empire, would mean casting out every person - staff, everywhere, in every level of government. Essentially undoing our entire government.

Though the once qualified specialist arms of our government have suffered dramatic depravation, the contracted side must be colossally embedded by now. That is a scary thought too. I don't know which thought is the most disturbing. Otherwise the sort that thrives on monetary 'gluttony' not called Taxes, will remain. Right?

How can a good and kind person who would be President, hope to convince a blood thirsty vicious faction that they should surrender to better changes for all?' How does a wise and experienced person, who would be President, convince a gouging eye for an eye faction, to surrender to a better change for the future?

How does a visionary convince a deliberate lock minded faction, to advance to empathy and mercy for all?

Finally 'Healing' feels good! But in order to heal, a national body must locate the entire disorder or disease, remove and clean out the infected pieces completely, disinfect the toxins, consume the medicinal properties that cause a new level of initial discomfort, endure the process and then the healing can Begin.

Common sense says...that is how the healing begins. Not the other way around. If I can't have John Edwards as my President, the one who has an eye on all of the matters before us, I cannot begin to know how to jump over the entire process necessary in order to hope that anything can change for the better. Not yet, maybe later. by awakening
PS...super delegates seem to be another name for big party politics. Let the People decide, Not the politician's.

Getting to Better In My Opinion, is Seeing History Being Made....

Hillary Clinton - Critical Thinker - Infrastructural plumbing type personality. Hands on organizer and has fun 'making' it work.

Maggie Williams longtime aide, who served as Clinton's White House chief of staff, is a longtime Clinton confidante who joined the campaign after the New York senator narrowly won the New Hampshire primary Jan. 8. She will begin assuming the duties of campaign manager this week.

The Minnesota DFL Feminist Caucus (DFLFC) broke with tradition today to endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. THE DFL FEMINIST CAUCUS WELCOMES YOU!

Barack Obama - Abstract Thinker - Asthetic landscaping type personaility. Creates organization through other's and has fun 'seeing' it work.

This Week With Barack Obama

Frank LaMere Endorses Barack Obama for President Nebraska superdelegate and chairman of the Democratic National Committee’s Native American Caucus, endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President and released the following statement. by rj Native Headline News February 10, 2008

Balanced Behavior: Norwegianity "IF we get our new President and Congress to flip the economy and put the burden of recovery on the rich, things could work out."

barbara bush might not agree with this one...But who gives a hoot what she thinks anyway!

Unbalanced Behavior: Why We Are Right Here, Right Now...

AP Poll: To fix economy, get out of Iraq By JEANNINE AVERSA, AP Economics Writer Friday Feb 8, 2008

War Is Hell from RambnRose War Is Hell

How oil burst the American bubble AlJazeera Magazine By Michael Klare 06/02/2008

Comments(115) We are all prisoners now By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts AlJazeera Magazine 01/06/2008

"Blame It On Iran!" by Lord Baltimore Wide Asleep in America Thursday 1/4/2008

Broken Health Care System Costs Employers and Employees by Seth Michaels AFL-CIO Blog News February 15, 2008

Mortgage Crisis Spreads Past Subprime Loans The New York Times By VIKAS BAJAJ and LOUISE STORY February 12, 2008

Buyers Beware: Headless Body to Protect Consumers By The Editorial Board New York Times February 8, 2008

Court Forbids Bush/GOP from Poisoning Children Politics Plus Saturday, February 09, 2008

Consumer confidence lower than during 2001 recession. 289 Comments from Think Progress February 15, 2008

MSNBC host: Bush holding judges hostage to get 'torture memo' writer DoJ job. by David Edwards and Nick Juliano Raw Story Friday February 8, 2008

Terrific New York Times editorial on Republican State Senate Leader Joe Bruno by Exile on Ericsson St. Rochester Turning on February 9, 2008

NRCC probe scares GOP sent by partynut BuzzFlash

Republican fundraising fraud probe has local connections by Andy Birkey Minnesota Monitor Thursday Feb 07, 2008

Conyers: On 'Edge' of Starting Impeachment Impeach for Peace February 8, 2008

MATT STOLLER a prominent Democratic blogger, has launched a campaign against 39 so-called Bush Dog Democrats — House members who voted in favor of Iraq war funding and warrantless wiretapping

Naomi Wolf’s landmark international bestseller The End of America
From: talkingsticktv
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