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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OH POOH & DARN! Drove Right Passed The Caucus....

John Edwards Cared ~ the Lost, the Sick, the Poor, the Forgotten, the Victims, the Survivors, the Senior, the Children, the Worker ~ We the People! Thursday, January 31, 2008

I miss John Edwards by LibraLiz1973 Democratic Underground

The last thing I did before leaving work was to print out the place where the caucus was being held. I waited until the last minute, cuz as is my usual MO, when I'm not excited about somethin', I procrastinate...ALOT!

I called my husband on the way, to let him know I would be home first, before going to the caucus, maybe, don't know, will talk to him when I get there. With a half an hour to spare before 7pm, I pulled into the drive. Hmmf, I thought, this sucks, and I thought "Why am I going?" Really, why? I heard a guy on am950 Air America that felt much like I's only been a week and way too soon to jump on someone else's bandwagon.

Greeted my family and said the hell with it. Stayed home and watched some news. But really, not very excited right now.

I can't shake the "I believe in Edwards" feeling. A long time Independent, I will not get swept up in the party plan. 2006 was enough for me...when I gave all my votes to the (D) after 20 plus years of voting for the 'Person', not the party, not any party.

This year I vote my conscience. No straight ticket this year. Besides, it is probably better for all of those excited Clinton and Obama fans if I stay out of their way for now. They're happy and I am happy for them. I am proud of the young and first time voters! And their excitement does make me smile every time I watch them get all frenzied up.

But I can't meet them on their level of excitement at this time. So, after weighing the pro's and cons of whether I should attend the caucus, the cons won. I'll sit on the fence till November and watch the parade of Obama and Clinton fans go by. Though, that will be fun to watch!

Every chance I get, I will reference John Edwards, reprint his quotes, ideas and statements...he had them first! Until he makes a public announcement that he either supports another candidate or is a running mate for someone, then and only then can I let go of his candidacy for president. Because he has not made this move, I will wait in limbo. Wait and wait and wait....

Super Delegates?!? Will have to learn more about this.

Heard Brooklyn New York had voting problems, machines down, no paper ballots and poll workers confused.

Our local news station WCCO, had the best local updates on the (D's) Caucus and the (R's) Beauty Contest. Eric Escala repeatedly wondered aloud "Who are those Independents?"

Romny won Minnesota? Is that a good thing?

If McCain wins the presidential race, we get a Governor Molnau?

Obama won Minnesota. Hillary won California. They are the same after all. That will help come November...if I was delirious with a 104 fever from the bird flu.

Love Bill Clinton, but he will have to be more thoughtful with his comments from now on. So upset with him for the S. Carolina remarks. If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all...especially if it has to do with race and gender.

Both candidates need to remind their's all about the Issues! Use each others voting records, use each others public and private activity. Use each others lack of activity. But don't use gender or race!

A caller on am950 Air America last night, made a statement that I often thought before Hillary jumped in the presidential race. Wwe will most likely need two (2) experienced people to clean up after the bush administration man-made mega mess.

But then I found John Edwards and felt he could do that job very effectively too.

Open Thread: Hillary & McCain take CA
By: bluegal on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 LIFTED FROM CROOKS AND LIARS...
Quote This Comment February 5th, 2008
#13 Zeppyfish Says: I couldn’t even finish watching that. "Why do you hate Edwards supporters? Because they’re supporting the only anti-corporate, anti-war candidate? Because they’re flipping off the corporate media by saying “we won’t vote for who you tell us to vote for?”

MEAN Comment February 5th, 2008 #3 Tequila Says: I hate Edwards supporters even more now. Anyway, the service sector is in the crapper. The CIA admits to water-boarding at least three suspects. Bush threatens to veto anti-immunity legislation.

Whose Gonna Fix the Poor Little Misfit Congress Christmas Story Sunday, December 16, 2007
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