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Friday, January 25, 2008

Roberta McCain!


I just finished watching Roberta McCain being interviewed and boy is she amazing! I just loved listening to her tell the stories of the past. And I was actually made curious about one comment she made...that John McCain has not received any recognition for his eight years of dedication to the bush administration, by the republicans. Of course I wouldn't think the nasty core of the RNC would be able to recognize any one's 'good' deeds. It takes genuine gratitude to give a nod out of respect for another colleague’s good deed.

It's True!!! The Trashing of McCain...An Interesting Train Ride by: Mike Lux Open Left Fri Jan 25, 2008

And John McCain represents a military survivor of torture, which none of the other (R) candidates can challenge in any way. Roberta McCain seems like a very nice and gracious lady at 96 years old. Pretty savvy too, when thrown a couple of questions that needed a carefully worded answer. I had to chuckle at the grudge question. I never thought of McCain as too old to run for elected office...I wouldn't vote for him, but it isn't because he's 71years old. I remember his comment about strolling along the markets in Baghdad and innocently telling the world he bought a rug. For some reason that statement and the knowing of the dying Iraqi citizens and US soldiers, cemented a disgust for his ignorance about what the 'people' cared about. It wasn't how cheap the rugs were, I'll tell ya for certain. That is when I knew John McCain would never be a consideration for anything from me. Disturbing to say the least.

C-SPAN Interview with Roberta McCain (27 min.) Thursday 1/24/2008

I HATE TO THINK WHAT McCAIN'S "ANOTHER 100 YEARS IN IRAQ" WOULD COST from DownWithTyranny Sunday, January 27, 2008 "Not to mention whatever other wars he's envisioning leading the country into."

(question: did I really hear McCain say 'Blood and Treasure'? did I hear that right? awakening)

I was listening to Stephanie Miller this morning on the way to work and she mentioned something about Mitt Romney not being liked by all of the other candidates and that they may have scripted their entire debate. A statement made about Romney by another (R) campaign manager sounded pretty vicious, the other I've forgotten already.

Who's The Biggest Flip Flopper in the Primaries? by .Common Sense 01-24-08

But it sounds like Romney is the chosen one by someone, otherwise why would the group act like jealous little boy's? I did watch quite a bit of the debate last night and I must admit, I didn't see any exclusion of Romney, didn't notice anything in particular. Except that Huckabee had the exact same idea as Mark Heaney from Minnesota Matters am950 Air America, which aired at 5pm yesterday. Mark has been talking about infrastructural investment from the stimulus package when the information first surfaced. That was interesting. Other then that, nothing really notable.

DownWithTyranny Friday, January 25, 2008
"I had to laugh when the pygmies were asked what they thought of a just released poll that asks a broad and representative segment of the American public which party they trust to handle the economy and people overwhelmingly chose the Democrats-- by 18%. The only answer seemed to be that they would lower taxes, hate China, do everything different from Bush and veto the Bridge to Nowhere."
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