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Friday, January 25, 2008

"Media - Shmedia" ~ John Edwards Is Above the National Radar! ~


The media, the pollsters and the analyst's try hard to sway, bend, twist and morph their message. They got it all wrong with Gov. Jessie and remember the "Dewey Defeats Truman!" headlines on one still operating corporate newspapers front page? They may serve a purpose, sometimes, in some other era, but overall the mass media are doing something much worse than calling an election outcome incorrectly.

"We’ve been waiting for one of the presidential candidates to take the lead on this issue and are pleased to see John step up for the American people." from Crooks and Liars.

The 'mass' corporate media have amassed some kind of black-out against John Edwards. I didn't realize till yesterday why that seems to be....Edwards has talked about limiting corporate 'industry' ownership - preventing corporate monopolies basically. Guess they're afraid that what happened to Bill Gates of Microsoft might happen to one of them, if Edwards is elected President of the United States.

This, from Kos: News editors shouldn't be picking president by PamelaGrow John Edwards08 Blog on 1/26/2008 Mpls-St Paul Star-Tribune, Jan 25, 2008

Wonder how the other mega corporate monger's are doing their part for the cause? Ah, now I see why I haven't seen (2007) nor don't see now "John Edwards" name out in the media world more often. Fascinating.

When I heard about the stimulus package being considered, I was dead set against it. Then when it went one step further, I thought of ways that I could protest it. Next I thought about all of the people who are desperate for a morsel, a crumb to put in their gas tank, to buy prescription medicine or to apply to their MONTHLY $700.00 to $800.00 combined heating and electrical utility bill....that doesn't include water and sewage. I couldn't deny that many people the crumb that congress is getting ready to toss out at us. Well, if congress is going to continue their absurd behavior - I'm at a loss for a new descriptive word - then why don't I just send the rebate (bribe) to John Edwards campaign? Instead of tearing it in half and mailing it back, why not give money to a candidate that I truly, for the very first time, want to give money to. I don't have much, so I wouldn't give to a political candidate otherwise. But in this case, I'll pretend that this crazy irresponsible act of congress can be put right... "Invest in John Edwards and he'll invest in restoring America."

I'll have to wait for a 'Return' on my investment, wait till the Presidential election, but well worth the wait! Deciding to send the rebate (bribe) check to John Edwards makes me feel much better. And If for some reason he is shut out of the (D) maybe he'll run as an (I)...I would be ecstatic!

Actors Robbins, Sarandon hit the road for John Edwards
January 7th, 2008, filed by Jeff Mason Reuters

“I believe he (Edwards) has the best chance to beat a Republican in November,” Robbins told reporters. “John Edwards deserves more attention and I believe he’s the best candidate.”

John Edwards and Tim Robbins in Iowa on You Tube
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"Don't let the media tell you that there is a choice between a and b, says Tim Robbins....." and "Actions speak louder than words."

READ THIS! from John Edwards08 Blog diary

Bill knows stuff
Here There Be Monsters. US Jobs Data Passes "Recession" Point. posted 01-21-08 by .Common Sense
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