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Monday, January 28, 2008

Conflate This ~ Looking for BUSH Republican's 2008


Art imitating life can be so profound, that it may be too impossible for some to manage. We can only hope that this sort may never be elected president of the United States, ever again. by awakening

J. D. Salinger Art Imitating Life "he attained a degree of international recognition and popularity that is unequaled by most twentieth century American authors."

Bush "Mistakes" Horse Thief in Favorite Painting For Missionary .Common Sense 01-26-08 "look at the horse thief and..."

.Common Sense provides links to a few sources shining light on this subject....

Harper's Magazine The Illustrated President Scott Horton January 24, 2008 "So Bush’s inspiring, prosyletizing Methodist is in fact a silver-tongued horse thief fleeing from a lynch mob." and "This is the hallmark of a tragically bad executive."

MN Publius Are They Still Bush Republicans? by Zack “I’m a Bush Republican” The video explains to MN Publius for more...

Scroogenomics Bachmann’s version of the American Dream Thursday, January 17, 2008

(thanks to a MN Matters caller a few weeks back, the word 'Conflate' was attached to bachmanns 'workingest' statement.)

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