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Sunday, January 27, 2008

What's Next?


FL Edwards Supporters Go Online To Mobilize Troops by Ron Levitt The Huffington Post January 24, 2008
"The Florida Progressive Coalition proudly endorses John Edwards to be the next president of the United States. "We did not arrive at this decision lightly."

Now that the South Carolina festivities have helped to build the excitement and enthusiasm among 'all' people, the road is still filled with possibilities of more.

Huge Congratulations to South Carolina for finding a new level of inspiration! Iowa was the starting place for many young and first time voters. This is bringing an amazing depth of pride to our national landscape of worry and concern.

The young and first timers are the burst of energy this tired old nation needs. This will surely keep the zest, zing and zip in an old timer's worn out joints. The faces, the expressions and the intensity are wonderful.

I watched all three (D) speeches, while still a strong Edwards supporter, it was thrilling to hear their words and watch their expressions. The intensity in their voices is rising too! That is good.

Each one harmonized a note that sang out among what the people have been asking for, demanding of and requesting from all of the elected for such a long time now. It did this soul good to listen to all three last night.

This process, like no other, has got to go down in history. It’s like waiting to get to the end of a novel, reveling in each page, anticipating the next chapter!

This is a new day and all three (D) candidates must keep their positive messages out in front of them, lose the petty differences and keep singing the issues. The issues are what we care about; the issues are our family, our friends, our neighbors and our citizens. The issues are all about our future. Our future!

Dear John: Don't forget about MN voters! swbacon from John Edwards08 Blog 1/26/2008

information about caucuses ThomasK in Diaries John Edwards08 Blog 1/27/2008
"The bottom line is - stick with Edwards even if the unthinkable happens and he is not viable at your caucus location."

(update 2/6/08...OOOPS! almost made a big mistake...again...Al Franken for Senate will need more homework! There are a few things that I adamantly oppose. If Al moves to the ecological humanitarian side of the isle, he may get my vote. But if he does not rethink his position on those things, I will need to find another candidate. I will come back and post after I have done my homework...thoroughly.)

adding 2/7/2008 from a Blue man in a Red Distict MN Blue on Jack Nelson Pallmeyer Wonderful post by Phil Steger.Thursday, February 07, 2008

I listened to Jack Nelson Pallmeyer being interviewed by Mark Heaney on am950 Air America several days ago and will need to do some homework on him too. He didn't dazzle me, but did get my interest. I've learned that anything that is worth having to help society to do better and be better...isn't wrapped in glitz and doesn't sparkle pretty. In plain truth, it takes a great amount of toil and sweat behind the scene to make something work for a lot of people. It takes skilled, insightful and consciences people to make that 'Something' happen.

2/7/2008 RETHINKING AL....and here I thought Al was pacifist, like Wellstone was and like I am....

Taking a moment to add Al Franken for Senate One of his endorser's is the person who helped me to understand the background scene behind the Vikings stadium situation, when it was a big opposing issue in my county.

That was 2005. Empowering to say the least! No stadium and one less obstructionist County Commissioner...hip hip hooray!

I've spoken to Al's staff a few times. Al Franken is truly an acquired taste and I believe I have finally gotten paste my adolescent SNL flashbacks. Enough to seriously consider him for the Senate.

If he is, and I sure hope so, is true to his word, he will be the status quo shredder from MN. Unlike Klobuchar - worst vote I've ever to find my opinions on her complete POD like behavior after entering the Senate. Since Al has that "think he's kidding, but really not sure" kind of personality...he probably can't be bamboozled the way Klobuchar was. Crossing my fingers for this vote. More and Better Democrats, a better Congress...Period! “We have got to elect more and better Democrats.” Please watch Firedoglake, Crooks and Liars, and Down With Tyranny for updates.

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