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Saturday, January 05, 2008

John Edwards ~ The Making of an American Leader


The GOP war on trial lawyers by Tim Grieve Salon Jul 13, 2004 "David Lakey slumped to the ground on the side of the pool. He held his daughter on his chest, praying as they waited for an ambulance. Over and over, he told Valerie, "Daddy loves you. Daddy loves you. Daddy loves you."

Public Justice Foundation
Publication Erin Brockovich, Consumer Advocate “I thought they didn't give a damn about ordinary people.”

Locate Thousands of Public Interest Organizations, Legal Resources, and Trial Lawyer Associations

The Aristocrats Iowa Caucus night Saturday, January 05, 2008 "The Edwards people were literally calling "B*^^$#!{}" since they clearly had Clinton beat, but were ending up with the same number of delegates."

Edwards On Fighting The Status Quo on This Week by Nicole Belle Crooks and Liars Sunday, January 6th, 2008 "And once again, the bogeyman of trial lawyers raises its ugly head."

Last Wednesday Ed Schultz had Ron Paul on his show. I missed the interview by minutes and came in when Ed was taking callers. One caller commented on Ron Paul’s statement "If poor people didn't like what they saw on television, they could go to the Internet." Since Ed charges for pod casts, I'll just have to wait and see if that one surfaces in its entirety somewhere else.

I still believe that Ron Paul is appealing to a "What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine." kind of mentality. It seems that they are starving for all of their money, every last penny. Haven't we had enough of undoing governmental departments? Can we (U.S.) withstand to have someone come in and basically wipe away our government infrastructure altogether. I shudder to think what we would be like if he and his supporter's got their wish. Restore our country, not dismantle it.

I love to listen to Barack Obama speak, he is inspiring! But like all honeymoons, I figure that would wear off after awhile. Baracks Congressional voting and 'not' voting record matter to me right now. I did get goose bumps after his Iowa Caucus speech though.

Thank you young first time voters from Iowa! You made the Iowa Caucus a historical success. I was extremely impressed, a Caucus takes much more work and commitment.

Our one time Governor Ventura had all of the young adults and first time voters out to the polls in record numbers. The scenic view of Young Adult Citizen to the most Senior of Citizen was the most electrifying MN election I've ever witnessed, when Jesse Ventura became Minnesota's most 'nonconformist' favorite Governor so far. Now Iowa has a similar story to hand down to voting generations to come.

I see Iowa as a crucial part of the heartland. It still has many, many farming communities that are central to the economic stability of the state and to the rest of the nation. Plus, doesn't everyone listen to the grain and pork belly reports? Our (US) ability to produce a product, one of the few that can't be outsourced completely, is still important to this nation.

Farmers and Ranchers have such a special bond with the land that what they think in the 'heartland' is a pulse to the rest of the nation. Hope Iowa stays first for every Presidential Caucus.

Iowa just happens to be a great touchstone for the nation. I read that John Edwards family were Sharecroppers at one time. He certainly would know the family stories of the heartache, the special memories, the triumphs of farming the land, living on the land and growing a family through the land.

Mr. Bill Press thinks Rhode Island would work just as well as Iowa. He gets on these weird tangents and makes snap judgments about all sorts of things. You can tell that I don't agree.

John Edwards has a very clear vision, a theme of reality and I think he has a streak of bull dog in him. I rest my chin in the palm of my hand and lean in when I'm listening to him. That is what I've begun to notice. Leaning in is a good sign. Smiling, nodding and applauding him after his speech on television is a good sign.

He repeats his specific talking points, repeats his plans and repeats that this candidacy is personal not just political. His passion about people is really registering with me. I did some more reading about his trial lawyer days and came away thinking "If only my sister had someone like him when Dow Corning marketed and sold a defective product that made her ill for life."

Do you remember that Clerk, that Nurse, that Mechanic, that Teacher, that Mail Carrier, that Roofer or that Doctor? There was something special about that person you liked. They didn't seem to care about you just because you were a customer. They genuinely cared enough to go to bat for you for something you needed. The best part of all, they treated everyone in the same way. That is who John Edwards reminds me of....the guy who cares enough to know how to help.

Really smart people aren't always the nicest or even the most common sensed. But John Edwards seems smart, pleasant, common sensed, wise and he has a streak of bull dog in him. Edwards also seems to see through the eyes of his parents. This is to me, is the highest tribute of love a child can give to a Parent or Grandparent.

Look around and listen. How many people do you know that truly seem to be in awe of and are sincerely grateful for the hard work their parents did for them. Each time I watch and listen to John Edwards I like him more. I like what he stands for and I like what he has done with his life.

I am a bit guarded right now about getting too involved in his Presidential campaign. After my terrible vote for Amy Klobuchar (a thousand apologies to Robert Fitzgerald), I will make darn sure that I do better homework. Which really, I have only scratched the surface. The No Lobbyist rule is a good John Edwards rule and a another top attention getter.

It has been extremely difficult for me to move away from Hillary Clinton as my next President. I have been waiting for her for a long time. There are things in her voting record that I am so conflicted about, that there is no rationalizing the why or the what if's. Maybe I expected more from her. Maybe I thought the fighter in her would have rallied and challenged more loudly the unjust occurrences in the last few years. Maybe as I learn more about the bush family and see Bill hanging out with Sr., it is turning me off big time.

Why I Believe Bush Must Go Nixon Was Bad. These Guys Are Worse. By George McGovern The Washington Post Sunday, January 6, 2008

I am absolutely in disagreement with Hillary Clinton about the vote on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. When bush came out at a press conference and uttered the words World War 3, why didn't she or one of the other congressional candidates talk to the people through the press about this statement while they were stumping? That vote on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and bushs' statement went hand in hand and alarmed a great many people. Why didn't anyone step up and defuse that statement?

I'm not talking about fear for fears sake, I'm talking about 'lunatic ramblings' to a global viewing audience. The Senate still doesn't seem to understand that the world of average people, including other countries leaders, political officials and staff watch television news and listen to radio news and read Internet news, too.

And for goddess sake, I don't think we can rely on the House of non-Representatives any longer. Remember, they recently alienated a huge chunk of the American population with their idiotic christmas / christian proclamation. That for me was the last veil falling from the real faces of this most embarrassing group of elected public officials.

If the Senate put themselves in the shoes of anyone else inside and outside of the United States, wouldn't you think that they would be able to actually relate to what the people are thinking and saying? Which, by the way that moronic christmas / christian thingy was authored by Steve King from Iowa, who I heard was MIA the day 372 non-representatives cast their biased belief. 9 House of Representatives said "NO" and boy am I relieved that there are 9 real 'democratic republic' minded voices of the people.

The congressional candidates should not minimize how people perceive the bush administration or dismiss how the actions / inaction of congress affect every citizen. They - congressional candidates need to begin speaking up a lot sooner while on the campaign trail. If MSM won't cover those discussions then get Brian Lamb at CSPAN to assign full time campaign reporters for all of the candidates running.

Candidates of change and experience may want to change their campaign slogans just a tad. All --we citizens -- of this country have been doing for the last several years is 'Experience Congress and their unwillingness to Change their minds' time after time. While we the citizen has been made to endure the country's Constitutional and Infrastructural change from bad to worse by experienced professionals.

Maybe a better word for today’s Presidential candidate is something that speaks more to "Candidate of Chance"...60 Votes or Better. "A Better Chance Agent"...60:1. A Chance Agent for Better...60-2-1.

This election year is vastly different from any other I can remember. Voters, who are choosing between McCain and Obama or choosing between Obama and Huckabee, seem to not be Democratic Party members at all. Saw this on television when people were being interviewed. I don't believe I've ever witnessed this phenomenon before. This is very fascinating to me.

It does seem that each one of us is taking a chance and has a backup (second choice) ready to slide right in there. We are giving two possible choices a chance at being the next President of the U.S.

Now that we all know that 60 is the magic number, why not create a slogan that speaks to that. Ed Schultz said it again last week, health care plans or any other good solid plan for the nation, won't go anywhere unless there are 60 votes. If that is what it takes then the candidates should probably be reminding the citizen voters that they (We) are the magic number to their getting 60 votes or better.

We'll have to replace and add more elected officials to congress. One's that are Anti-obstructionists, Anti-isolationists and Anti-suppressionists, to get to that magic number of 60.

Lastly, what went wrong in 2007 isn't going anywhere soon....Congress had their Chance, now They must Change in 2008.

Hardball: Elizabeth Edwards Asks What’s It Going To Take To Mention John Edwards By: Nicole Belle Crooks and Liars Saturday, January 5th, 2008

"We need a President who would reflect to the world the America we want restored. We need a President who would care enough to know how to help America have a future."

Together, ordinary people can do extraordinary things by Grace Kelly MNBLUE on January 4, 2008 "Did you all notice how the corporate media is giving John Edwards the silent treatment?"

John Edwards Is My Paul Wellstone Tuesday, January 01, 2008


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