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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

John Edwards Is My Paul Wellstone


Hey Media!! Pencils UP For John Edwards!! Submitted by Linda Milazzo AfterDowningStreet on Saturday December 29, 2007 “And were it not for MSM's pre-scripted story, media punditz would speak of the thoughtfulness of Edwards' policies, and his ability to withstand unspeakable loss and rise back up from it. And they would tell of the way he achieved the American dream, but has never forgotten or forsaken his roots.”
"When talking about the Democratic nomination, no one mentioned Edwards;"

"Edwards is mounting an edgy, muscular effort that owes more to the memory of Paul Wellstone or the sensibilities of Ralph Nader than to the smooth triangulations of Bill Clinton or the not-so-smooth compromises of John Kerry."

The Long Run After the Pain of a Son’s Death, a Shared Mission in Politics By KATE ZERNIKE Published: December 31, 2007 NYT

My Vote, My Voice
Create a 30-second original ad describing why you support John Edwards for president.

Paul Wellstone ~ A Champion for the People by awakening Friday, October 26, 2007

If Paul Wellstone were still alive, I have no doubt that we, here in Minnesota, would never have had to endure what we have thus far witnessed in this state of insane flux.

He was honest, fearless, tenacious, dedicated, gracious and principled. He knew right from wrong and he NEVER used religion, class, ethnicity or gender to pivot an agenda for personal gain, political profit or for colleague cronyism. NEVER!

Plain and simple...Paul Wellstone was the embodiment of what a Public Servant is meant to do for all of their constituents. Not just for a select few. But for everyone who resides in that state, district and / or municipality.

And Paul Wellstone, with all of that genuine passion for "We the People" would have surely proactively embolden his colleagues in the United States Senate, his Associates in the United States House of Representatives and to all of his friends and acquaintances in the State of Minnesota Capital. To embolden them to not get caught up in the "Fear for Fear Sake" syndrome that really does seem an epidemic in the entire 110th Congress.

That would have given us all the strength and incentive to spread out our respectfull good will to other states that needed us and to other countries. It was rare thing at one time, that anyone would pick up on something negative about Minnesota, from anyone that lived in the state or from those that visited the state.

Yes, we have had our share of things that needed to be made better. And yes there were always those 'taxes too high, blinded by the almighty dollar' elite complainers. Always keeping an eye out to do better for the whole of the state. There was something that was going to be repaired somewhere, which is very different from the current tidal wave of playing ostrich all day -- every day.

A politicians business also involved the citizens in all communities as well.

Everyone sort of had their own thing they believed needed attention and effort. That pretty much meant that the whole world of Minnesota, to those that lived in Minnesota to be exact, cared literally about everything and everyone. Wow!

A plan that wasn't so big you didn't know where to tackle it first, but instead a piece of the bigger picture that even the most novice laymen could say they contributed something to a better process, to a better system and to a better Minnesota filled with Minnesota People. Prosperity through People to People.

Sorry, but there was no far reaching public Minnesota discussions of matters involving drive by bible thumpers - from the religious radical to expect profit through alienation, isolationism and through obstructionism. Now we get non-stop drive by religion, public alienation through a congressional body, fear mongering isolation'ISMS' from the bowels of System Obstructionist's...Every where we turn.

That is a new illness that has emerged over the pass several years. Hmmmm, one can only guess where the disease originated from?

"Respecting another’s right" was the closest to any discussion where the word 'right' entered in. I think I unconsciously substitute the word ' right' for "correct" now.

Am I now on the brink of becoming an anti-right word winger or a monger?

What other state could have compared to the Minnesota Best Kept Secret? None, then. I know first hand. The people are still by far the nicest and most trusting -- from Bigalow Minnesota to the farthest northern region of Minnesota.

"Minnesota Nice" in my opinion meant a nice compliment. Paul Wellstone was not just a political figure to a political arena, he was truly 'thee' voice for regular average everyday people. Even Minnesotans in the high income range, loved Paul Wellstone. Sort of an every persons 'Guy.' Not a guy's guy, but an anybody can talk to this guy ‘guy.’

He embodied what mattered to the majority of the people. He seemed to have that amazing gift of getting a hold of a matter, before it became a fiasco and wouldn't let go of it till that matter was aired out and washed up.

Then he carefully tucked it to the side, to a place where he could easily label it, file it and cross reference it. Especially when that matter threatened justice, equality or encouragement. Is John Edwards really like Paul Wellstone? As DownWithTyranny suggests, is John Edwards the one we have been really waiting for?

Is John Edwards an 'Everybody' kind of guy? Could be. I've decided that he is the one that I want for my next President of the United States. He's got what it takes to be a really good President. Here's hoping you are "Hope Filled and Inspired More" this new year. Happy New Year and Peace to all.


A final Thought for the day...
Congress may have done a much better job if some of the Congressional Candidates had really paid attention -- done their homework -- before voting on a few things.

Why didn't they cause a fuss in the Senate, to the Senate, with the current sitting president?

For the ones that didn't vote on a few things, that also made a big statement. Not a good one though.

Senator Dodd was the only one that stood up to fight for something recently, I heard him. I would want him for the new Vice President.

And Why does the old 109th Congress look like they're still in there anyway?

Why didn't the old 109th 'minority' know of the tactics that the new ruling minority were going to use? Why didn't the new majority use a 'for every action there is an instant reaction' strategy? Why? Why? Why?

Edwards on Corporate Greed Submitted by Grace Kelly mnblue on January 2, 2008

Two received the Paul Wellstone Award by James Parks American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations Dec 9, 2006 "Last night, the AFL-CIO Organizing Summit took a break from strategy sessions to honor two men who have been stalwarts in the fight for workers’ rights: Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) and former Senator John Edwards."

In Minnesota ~ One System Does Not Fit.... Thursday, December 27, 2007
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