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Friday, October 26, 2007

Paul Wellstone ~ A Champion for the People


October 2002 Paul Wellstone ~ We remember.......

From October 25, 2007

Dear Friends,

Five years ago today, a plane crash took the lives of Paul and Sheila Wellstone, their daughter Marcia, and three campaign aides - Mary McEvoy, Tom Lapic, and Will McLaughlin. Today, October 25, is a day of remembrance, a time to honor our friends.

Go to the Wellstone Action home page.

Paul Wellstone was about people, always for the people and always seeing through the eyes of 'We the People."

Initially I didn't know what the Senator was about. I was intrigued by the green bus campaign initiative though. I was a Governor Ventura supporter and did support Governor Carlson, but Representatives and Senators weren't really on my radar at the time.

I hadn't done much homework on any of them and I didn't realize the truly significant role they played in my and my family's everyday life at the time.

I had the opportunity to attend a few of Senator Wellstones public round tables in Minneapolis. The one in particular I recall best was when the Senator wanted to hear from the people about their experience finding jobs.

What services were people using to find jobs and what did people think of the services they used to find job leads? And what did people think of the people serving them? Training to Employment was a passionate mission for our Senator.

Many people stepped up to share their stories. Some good, but many were having a hard time finding a job and the services weren't that great either. Senator Wellstone was so engaging when he asked a question of the people, as if it was just him and that person alone chatting. A remarkable communicator, a genuine individual, a sincere personality and a real voice for the people.....Paul Wellstone.

A big "Hi" to Josh. Josh was the Senators policy advisor.

The people that Paul Wellstone hired, served the public too. I can't tell you how impressed I was with Josh and his endless quest to find out what the people thought, what the people believed and what was important to 'the people.'

In the image of Senator Wellstone, although behind the scene, Josh believed in the "Will of the People" too.

The opportunity to know Josh and to attend the public round tables held by the Senator, left a profound imprint on my life as a citizen and as a professional.

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