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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

S-CHIP Stories ~ Don't Veto Me......

From: IraqSummer

Two years ago, when Bethany was born with a serious heart problem, private health insurance wouldn't help her.

Without the State Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), Bethany might not be with us today.

Health care for 800,000 children like Bethany costs one week in Iraq.

Tell Congress S-CHIP works and to overturn Bush's veto: 1-866-544-7573. (more) (less)

COMMENT: by subliminal727 (1 hour ago) Show Hide Marked as spam 0 (Reply)
It's actually 4 million uninsured kids that the expansion would cover, not 800,000. I think the commercial just wanted to put a small period of time in the iraq war against any number.
The fact is there are actually 9 million uninsured kids in america. 9 MILLION! The program by 90 billion dollars but had to compromise and drop to 45 billion dollars and about 4 million kids. Now the White House is telling them to "compromise" again.

Tell me, how many childrens lives can we "compromise"

Frost Parents Talk On Countdown with Keith Obermann By: Logan Murphy Crooks and Liars on Monday, October 15th, 2007


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