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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Is the Right and Left Getting Ready To Rumble With Themselves?

GOOD Advice to Giving BAAD people.......
Open Left
The Truth-Free Zone, Part 1: Truth And Lies Switch Places by: Paul Rosenberg Sun Oct 14, 2007

Not Even Wrong: The Truth-Free Zone, Part 2 by: Paul Rosenberg Sun Oct 14, 2007

Inherently Illogical Statements: The Truth-Free Zone, Part 3 by: Paul Rosenberg
Sun Oct 14, 2007

There are small ripples taking hold across both the Democratic Party and the GOP. These ripples are the voices of people not happy with their party and not happy with Congress and not happy with the administration and not happy with many government departments.

Anyone can see the signs of discontent when reading about, listening to or watching the newest action or inaction of Congress. The collage of single stories that surround any elected official on any number of issues, may be getting closer to the last straw that broke the camels back.

Callers to one of my favorite talk shows were really impassioned by SCHIP. Open talk about getting out of Iraq among people in public places is growing. Hearing people talk about their feelings on the Iraq invasion and occupation is a signal to me, the cup is just about full. People sound more steamed, are more steamed and that steam is going to fuel the 2008 election.

Nancy Pelosi keeps saying that Iraq is Bush's war, but she is wrong. Nancy Pelosi you are WRONG! People do not believe this, not unless they also live in the same bubble as the 110th Congress.

Iraq is OUR country's fault. The deaths of all people in Iraq, weighs on all of us. We feel to blame, why don't you?

The sounds of people can be translated into big surprising moves on the part of both party's. The third party is waiting in the wings....could be from the right or left.
There is a faction of the right that does look as though they may move to a third position.

Which ever way the musical chairs face, Congress better face the facts. We the people want the troops home now, we want our rights restored, we want safe food for us and our pet's, we want safe toys for our children, we want medical insurance, we want one whole job, we want to stay in our homes and we want our country back. We don't want to be racially profiled, we don't want to be put on an FBI list, we don't want our votes suppressed, we don't want an unfair educational system and we don't want war.

Tim Rutten: Coulter's anti-Semitic comment too dangerous to ignore (Updated) 10-14-07

Another All-White Jury. More Fuzzy Justice. 10-13-07

EJ Dionne The Washington Post The Trashing of Graeme Frost -- and the Fallout

Raw Story Author Naomi Klein: America is succumbing to fascism Nick Langewis and Mike Aivaz Published: Saturday October 13, 2007

"Klein agrees, adding: "You could call it crony capitalism, you could call it corporatism; but it certainly not the free market."

The following video is from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, broadcast on October 12, 2007.

DownWithTyranny NANCY PELOSI-- THE LEADER... OF GOOD GERMANS Sunday, October 14, 2007
"I guess Pelosi wants to be a leader of her party first and foremost and a leader of America... not so much."

"Impeachment off the table", apparently, isn't just an isolated instance of Pelosi's Good Gemanhood."

"And Ed Gillespie, Rove's replacement, has shown himself to be a complete failure, apparently unaware that the 18 Republicans senators and 45 Republican congressmen and women are... Republicans-- with Republican constituents." Video: THIS IS WHY RON PAUL

Citizens Against Lies Yikes! White Supremacists Endorse Ron Paul Published by Shelly October 15th, 2007
YouTube Video
"If Ron Paul has a hope in Hades of raising any more money for his campaign, he’d better renounce this endorsement. Why? Because who endorses you speaks to your character."

"In fact, to make matters worse, there is some indication that Paul himself has some very questionable views on race and (no) separation of church and state, among other things. There is a nice archive of that and more here, (and mention of another white supremacist group who endorsed him too.)"


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